Apex Legends: How to Get “Impress Me” badge (Season 9)

You will earn the ‘Impress Me’ badge, usable with all Legends, after completing the Arena teaser.

How to get Impress Me badge for ( season 9 teaser )


1. Accepting the Corrupted Keycard Challenge

Once you have the Corrupted Keycard, the next time you are in the lobby, it will appear on the bottom right of your lobby screen. Click it to get an audio message and a new set of two challenges involving scanning Holo-Sprays.

2. Getting a Corrupted Keycard

No matter the map, if there is a neutral care package near you: open it. An extra item will fly out of each side onto the ground. You only have to pick up one, and you can leave the others for your teammates or just leave them if all players already have them.
Notice that if you die the game will still count that you got the corrupted keycard and you can use it next game to scan the holo sprays.

3. Finding & Scanning Holo-Sprays and with Keycard

There are Holo-Spray galore scattered around both Kings Canyon and Olympus. You have to scan only six in total, but it must be three from each map. All of the Holo locations are listed in purple on these wonderful maps from well-respected leaker and content creator, Shrugtal.


Kings Canyon Locations


The Cage

The Cage might be the easiest Holospray to find on Kings Canyon – it sits on the top of the metal tower known as the cage, on top of a pile of boxes. Very easy to spot and use even as soon as you drop in.

The Bunker

This is another simple Holospray to find. Go to the right (East) side of The Bunker, and then climb the structure to the right of the door. The Holospray is on top here.


The Containment Holospray is located below the North building, just duck underneath it and look in the corner to find it.


Olympus Locations


The Rift

The easiest Holospray to find on Olympus is definitely in The Rift. In The Rift head to the high ground reachable via ziplines, and you’ll find the Passcode Holospray on top of a building up here.

Orbital Cannon

The Orbital Cannon is usually pretty quiet, so this is a good place to land and find another Passcode Holospray. You’ll find this on the ring circling the building in the centre of the Orbital Cannon – don’t fall otherwise you’ll die.


This is another simple Holospray to locate. You just need to head to the centre of the Estates, and this Holospray is in the top building, in the bathroom. Easy to find, nice.

4. Viewing The Impress Me Teaser

Now that you’ve found three Passcode Holosprays in both Kings Canyon and Olympus after obtaining the Corrupted Keycard, you’re finally ready to move on to the teaser itself.

Load into the Firing Range and head to the landing platform with the interactable monitor on top. Tap on the screen with your fully decoded passcode, and you should be able to call down a Drop Ship, similar to those that would extract you from the Fight Or Fright event.

Once inside you’ll be warped to a brand new area and you’ll receive a Holomessage from Titanfall 2’s Ash, who we already theorised might have something to do with Season 9: Legacy. Ash warns us of the incoming Arena where we must prove ourselves, but it remains to be seen how the Arena actually operates in Apex Legends, and how it might tie into the Apex Predators of Titanfall 2.

5. A Badge Reward

Once you watch the teaser, you will automatically get a brand-new Legendary-tier Badge, featuring Ash, called ‘Impress Me.’

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