Aliens: Dark Descent – All Data Pads & Xenotech Location

All data pads & Xenotech location.


1. Dead Hills

19 Datapads
2 Xenotech
First Floor = 18 datapads
Second Floor = 1 datapad, 1 xenotech
Second Xenotech is obtained when looted Xenomorph Queen as part of the quest.

2. Berkley’s Docks

11 Datapads
1 Xenotech
Berkley’s Docks – 1st Floor = 8 datapads

Berkley’s Docks – 2nd Floor = 3 datapads
One Xenotech obtained by looting the Xenomorph Queen

3. Refinery

12 Datapads

The elevator to the basement in Refinery level can’t be recalled to the starting floor after your rescue by the drop ship so if you miss any data pads on that level you can’t go back.

Refinery – 1st Floor = 6 datapads

Refinery – Basement = 6 datapads

4. Lethe’s Wastelands

1 Datapad
Warning! I don’t think so u can replay this mission so highly recommended to not forget to pick it up! Especially if u want to collect all data pads in one playthrough

5. Pioneer Station

17 Datapads
1 Xenotech
To acquire all datapads u have to complete secondary objective “Customs Seizure” secondary objective in this mission. This Datapad is not show on the maps below as it part of the quest.
Pioneer Station – Docking Bay = 6 datapads

Pioneer Station – Headquarters = 6 datapads

Pioneer Station – Command Level = 4 datapads

One Xenotech obtained by looting the Xenomorph Queen.

6. Atmoshperic Nightmare

22 Datapads
2 Xenotech
1st Floor = 17 datapads, 1 xenotech

Basement = 5 datapads

Second Xenotech obtained by looting the Xenomorph Queen.

7. The Montero

10 Datapads
1 XenotechThe Montero – Deck B

8. Tantalus Research Station

5 Datapads
2 Xenotech
Tantalus Research Station – 1st Floor = 1 datapad

Tantalus Research Station – Basement -1 = 4 datapads, 2 Xenotech

Small spoiler ahead about collecting datapad 4 and 5
To collect datapads 4 and 5 u have to proceed with main quest to the moment when base is set to selfdestruct.

9. Pharos Spire

14 Datapads
1 XenotechPharos Spire – 1st Floor = 7 datapads, 1 Xenotech

Pharos Spire – Office = 2 datapads
In this are of the mission there’s side quest that ask you to look for 3 terminals, those terminals are pointed on the map as part of the quest and counted as datapads.

Pharos Spire – Security = 2 datapads

10. Olduvai Dig Site

8 Datapads

Olduvai Dig Site – Basement 1 = 4 datapads

Olduvai Dig Site – Basement 2 = 2 datapads

Olduvai Dig Site – Main mine = 2 datapads

11. Xeno City

Xeno City – 4 datapads

Thanks to ScoRrpioOo for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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