ZERO Sievert: Skills Specializations List

Here is a full list of all skills┬áspecializations in┬áZERO Sievert.   List of specializations There are various skills in the game, which are divided into primary (Fitness, Style, Shooting, Charisma) and secondary (Medicine, Gunsmith, Cooking). Primary skills are increased through doing in game action. Secondary skills are increased by reading skill books. After reaching the … Read more

ZERO Sievert: All Missions List

Brief Mission List and they’re item requirements so you don’t accidentally sell what you’ve would’ve need next mission.   Missions Notes: A semi-collection of the missions I’ve been able to to record, so some are missing. Ver 0.26.1 Materials – Conductor (Bunker) 40 scrap material 20 screw nuts 20 nail 1 screwdriver 1 drill 1 … Read more