ZERO Sievert: Skills Specializations List

Here is a full list of all skills specializations in ZERO Sievert.


List of specializations

There are various skills in the game, which are divided into primary (Fitness, Style, Shooting, Charisma) and secondary (Medicine, Gunsmith, Cooking). Primary skills are increased through doing in game action. Secondary skills are increased by reading skill books.

After reaching the maximum level of a skill, you can choose its specialization. The list of specializations of all skills is given below.

PRIMARY SKILLS (10 skills point in each)

Fitness specializations


  • Increase stamina (+10 immediately and +2 stamina per level)
  • Running does not cost stamina if you are under a certain weight (free run under 20KG + 2KG per level)

  • Greatly increase your max weight (+5kg immediately and +0.6 max carry weight per level)

  • Slightly increase Stamina and running speed (+5 immediately and +1 stamina per level, +10% immediately and +3% running speed per level)
  • Reduce running cost (-30% immediately and -2% running cost per level)

Style specializations

    Loot goblin:

  • Greatly increase looting speed (+30% immediately and +3% looting speed per level)
  • Can see chest through walls
  • Slightly more loot in chest (+20% immediately and +2% more loot in chest per level)

  • Decrease enemies sight range (-10% immediately and -1% enemy sight range per level)
  • Enemies take longer to detect you (+100% immediately and +5% detection time per level)
  • More damage while not detected (+10% immediately and +2% more damage while not detected per level)

  • Slightly increase looting speed (10% immediately and +2% looting speed per level)
  • Enemies are visible for a longer time (20% immediately and +3% time enemies are visible per level)
  • More hidden stashes on maps (+30% immediately and +2% more hidden stashes per level)

Shooting specializations


  • Greatly reduce recoil (-15% immediately and -2% recoil per level)
  • Slightly increase reloading speed (+5% immediately and +1% reloading speed per level)
    Fast Hands:

  • Slightly decrease recoil (-5% immediately and -1% recoil per level)
  • Greatly increase reloading speed (+20% immediately and +2% reload speed per level)

  • Greatly increase ergonomic while aiming (+100% immediately and +10% ergonomic while aiming per level)
  • Greatly increase damage while aiming (+50% immediately and +8% damage while aiming per level)

Charisma specializations


  • Traders have more Roubles (traders have +50% immediately and +6% more roubles per level)

  • Traders have more of the items they sell (traders have +50% immediately and +5% more items per level)

  • Increase the reward of quests (+30% immediately and +3% more quest rewards per level)

SECONDARY SKILLS (5 skills point in each)

Medicine specializations

    Field medic:

  • Decrease medication usage time (-40% immediately and -6% medication usage time per level)

  • Allow you to craft injectors based on level if you have an infirmary

Gunsmith specializations


  • Mounted mods are more effective (+10% immediately and +2% effectiveness of mounted mod per level)
    Gear lover:

  • Greatly decrease the durability loss for weapons and armor (-20% immediately and -5% weapon and armor durability loss per level)

Cooking specializations


  • Learn more recipes
  • Greatly increase the nutritional value of the foods you create (+30% immediately and +5% nutrition from your cooked meals per level)

  • When you’re not starving or dehydrated you get more health and stamina (+10 HP immediately and +2 HP per level, +15 immediately and +2 stamina per level)

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