Your Only Move Is HUSTLE: All Single Player Achievements Guide

This guide will show you a simple way to get all of the achievements except for the multiplayer and secret ones ๐Ÿ˜€


self-explanatory ones

PLAYING CHESS WITH YOURSELF – just play a singleplayer match, its not that hard

STYLISH – just click the save button on the customize

The Other ones

VERY SUPER JUMP – step 1: Make Spark bomb |||||| step 2: Jump on Spark bomb

HALF LIFE – step 1: robot in small arena ||||||||| step 2: chain saw with the opponent’s DI toward you

(note that this won’t work for the touch of death achievement)

UNFAIR – just make a match with really high hitstun, then you can do it very easily

GRATUITOUS – same thing as the last one, just instead of burst you use Robots command: grab

STERNUM EXPLODER – again… with hitstun on max you can just do all three palm strikes one after the other

TOUCH OF DEATH – and finally, the touch of death, just do the same strategy for half life but use cowboy because you can’t just pass with one attack, just spam a bunch of attacks until the opponent dies, make sure to use ID and undo to your advantage and if the opponent falls to the ground you can make them roll to try to not lose your combo.

(also remember: you only lose your combo when your opponent is able to act except when they’re getting up)

Thanks to MAAT1556 for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it viaย Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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