Your amazing T-Gotchi! Guide (All Endings)

Full guide to the endings of Your amazing T-Gotchi!


A Full Video Guide by ManlyBadassHero


Endings 1-8
  1. Hang On – the default ending. Feed her, wash her and talk to her at least once to get it.
  2. I love you master! – wash, but don’t feed her. On day 3, feed the T-Gotchi after she gets mad at you.
  3. Malnourished – wash, but don’t feed her.
  4. This is sick! – neither wash nor feed her.
  5. Isolation – don’t talk to her. Always choose “…” in dialogue options.
  6. Martyr – do not feed, wash, or talk to her.
  7. DDOSED – feed, but don’t wash her.
  8. The End – opens automatically after completing all the previous storylines, excluding the secret ending.
The Secret 9th Ending
Oh No – Click the feed button exactly 100 times!

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