WW2 Rebuilder: Useful Locations Guide

Some Items are easy to miss, and so People often ask “Where is this key?” or “Where to use the Coffee-Can”, etc. I thought, why not make a simple guide, to sum up all those things in one place. If you have another Idea for additonal Entries, just let me know.


London Necropolis Station

“Where is the key to the door in the chapel?”
Its located on one of the lockers, in the room with all the coffins (Basement).

“What do i do with the key, found in the basement?”
You can open the backdoor, within the chapel.

Lympne RAF Base

“Where is the key to the bunkerdoor?”
On a Table, a few steps in front of the Supply-Truck.

“What is the key for?”
You can open the locked bunkerdoor with it.

Belfast Shipyard

“Where do i find the coffee?”
On a wooden platform, in front of the building labeled “Factory”. Use a ladder or scaffolding to get there.

“What is the coffee for?”
You can give it to the guy, sitting right in front of the Scrap Shredder.

Thanks to Guenix for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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