WorldBox God Simulator: How to Get New Hard Achievements (Major Update 0.14)

So this guide is to help you get all the bad achievements that are very vague and stuff

New Achievements Guide (Major Update 0.14)

Life is a sim: play the game for 24 hours straight no getting off
King of kings: give a king 20+ traits without giving it scar of divinity
The accomplished: give unit veteran, mage slayer, king slayer, dragon slayer without scar
The demon: give a demon 10+ traits without scar
The broken: give a unit skin burns, crippled, and eye patch
Planet of the apes: spawn 100+ monkeys in a jungle world
Super mushroom: power up a mush unit
The princess: bless a frog
Greg: turn on greg from the debug menu and wait until greg spawns
Ninja turtle: get a turtle to level 10
The hell: spawn 700+ demons into an infernal biome world
Let’s not: pour acid on a dirt world until everything is the acid biome
World war: have 10+ kingdoms go to war
Great plague: infect 1000+ people with the plague
Touch the grass: use the finger tool on grass from the plains biome
Tornado: curse a tornado until its super massive
The corrupted trees: go to the world laws menu and click the trees on the top in this order, 1 6 2 5 3 4
God mode: in the settings, click on the burger until a button appears in the top right, click it and you have it

And thats it, those are mainly for the ones with no description
You can basically find out how to get the other ones by reading the descriptions for them so that’s it

Thanks to boof420 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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