World Racing 2: All Achievements Guide (52/52)

The complete guide for all 52 achievements in World Racing 2 Champion Edition. Estimated completion time: 20-25 hours depending on your skills, luck and how much time you’ll manage to save. Cheats DON’T LOCK the achievements.   Part 1 (use Ctrl+F to find your desired achievement) Beginner Careerist Complete “Your Fastest Lap” mission in Career … Read more

World Racing 2 Cheat Codes

World Racing 2 (Champion Edition) is a new remake game by Synetic GmbH. here is a list of current cheat codes.   Cheat Codes List Type those as the name of your profile, you can change the name later. EC: 100 Speedbucks Visa: 1 000 Speedbucks MASTERCARD: 10 000 Speedbucks AmEx: 100 000 Speedbucks High End: Should unluck all tracks Credit to wxlf   World Racing … Read more