World Racing 2 Cheat Codes

World Racing 2 (Champion Edition) is a new remake game by Synetic GmbH. here is a list of current cheat codes.


Cheat Codes List

Type those as the name of your profile, you can change the name later.
EC: 100 Speedbucks
Visa: 1 000 Speedbucks
MASTERCARD: 10 000 Speedbucks
AmEx: 100 000 Speedbucks

High End: Should unluck all tracks

Credit to wxlf


World Racing 2 Cheats FAQs

Will the Cheats Disable Steam Achievement System?

Yes, the achievements will not get locked if you type any cheat. you can also check out this guide to get 100% achievements.

How do I Find More Codes?

We will update this list of codes all the time, please stay tuned for this article.

More FAQs will be added later.

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