Wobbledogs Console Commands (How to Get)

Here is a list of commands and how to get them in Wobbledogs.


What are commands?
Commands are cheats to get items you want or more eggs. They are basically useful for when you need some wallpapers or decorations.

How to get commands
To open the console to use commands, you press “tab” and “\” to open the console like this.

You press “esc” (or escape) to get out of the console

Using commands
You type in the console to get a certain thing you want. Like “spawnitem capsule 50.” You get 50 capsules. Or “addunfertilizedeggtoinventory 50” It gives you 50 unfertilized eggs to inject dog genes into. You can also use “spawndog 10” to get 10 dogs. (I don’t really know what the other commands do tho.)

Extra things
You can use the up arrow to copy a previous command you typed in. It can be useful for getting a lot of eggs. There’s a limit where you type in “addunfertilizedeggtoinventory 1000” it only gives you 50 eggs, so you have to spam the up arrow and enter to get the eggs you want.
There are items that are only spawnable by commands.

Use “spawnitem gummy [number]” to get the food block from the beta versions.

You can also use “spawnitem fruit [number]” to get orange fruits with pink warts from the later beta versions.

Thanks to mmmzombiebrains for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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