WitchSpring R: How to Psudo NG+

Since there is a lack of NG+ supported nativly in the game I have built a guide to allow you to carry over Items/Stats to a new Save.   Modifying Save Files to Carry Over ****WARNING – BACKUP ALL SAVE DATA BEFORE YOU MODIFY ANYTHING – this will modify save data and can potentially corrupt … Read more

WitchSpring R: Pets Guide (Where to Find Them)

Helpful guide on where to find all the monsters in the game   Missable Items: 1- The Shipwreck Diary Unspoken feelings you need to give Livya “stand near her and open the item menu for the Shipwreck Diary” make sure to collect the 7 shipwreck pages before advancing in story as Livya will leave Lalaque Village at certain … Read more