Will You Snail?: How to Cheat 100% via Saves Editing (100% Savefile)

This Guide tells you, how to change save files, to cheat a 100% save slot or whatever you want.   Where to find Savefiles? On Windows, you find them at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Will_You_Snail. Don’t know where it’s located on other devices. In that folder there are files named like “S3-SaavoGame23-2.sav”. The “S3” in the beginning means, that … Read more

Will You Snail?: Speedrun Guide for the “Anger Management Room”

In this guide, we’ll go into the strategies and key points of speedrunning the “Anger Management Room” on all levels. Introduction The AMR, formerly known as the “Anger Management Room” is a secret room that you can find inside the “Exit Game” button, it prompts as “I am frustrated”. Now, you’re probably here to learn how to … Read more

Will You Snail?: Alternate Ending Guide

–HUGE SPOILERS!!– A full tutorial on how to repair Squid’s broken heart and get the alternate ending.   The First Piece After you’ve beaten Squid’s final boss form, instead of escaping the simulation, stay with him. After a while a pit should open up in the middle of the area that leads to a secret level. After … Read more

Will You Snail? All Secret Level Locations

Locations of every secret level in “Will You Snail” Spoiler Alert!!!   Opening Comments There are spoilers. (Obviously.) Also this is technically a guide for “YOU’VE SEEN IT ALL”. Chapter A A01.1 Jump up through these squares. A02.1 Set the button number to 157. A03.1 Jump to this platform. A10.1 Jump up to this platform. … Read more

Will You Snail?: How to Create Your Own Color Schemes

Learn how to create your own custom color schemes for Will You Snail. Note: Will You Snail? will be planned to be released in this year.   About This Guide Lean how to create your own custom color schemes for Will You Snail. Be creative and adjust colors to your needs. How to Pick a Color … Read more