Wildermyth: All Abilities, Artifacts, & Pets List 2021

A compact list compiled from the Wildermyth Wiki intended for use as a helpful reference when deciding (legacy) character builds.


Warrior Abilities

Backslam: “(Active) As a swift action, every other turn, using their off-hand, Hero summons a heave of strength to drive an enemy to a nearby tile. With a shield, this also deals some damage.”

Battledance: “(Passive) Attacking and attack-actions only cost Hero one action.”

Bloodrage: “(Passive) Infuriated by wounds, the hero deals +1 damage for every 2 health they are missing.”

Broadswipes: “(Passive) Hero’s melee attacks deal Bonus Damage to all other foes within range.”

Engage: “(Active) As a swift action, Hero engages another creature, forcing it to attack her. Hero must stay in range and maintain a clear line of sight. +1 armor per engaged foe.”

Inspiration: “(Passive) Hero gives adjacent allies +1 bonus damage and potency.”

Paladin: “(Passive). If Hero ends her turn by moving, she will automatically enter Guardian.”

Raider: “As a swift action, once per turn, Hero can start a fire in an empty tile or break a piece of adjacent scenery.”

Sentinel: “Sentinel replaces Guardian. The warrior leaps up to two tiles in order to intercept foes who pass nearby, performing a reaction strike and stopping their movement.”

Shieldshear: “(Active) Once every other turn, as a free action, Hero shreds 2 of a foe’s armor with their weapon.”

Stalwart: “(Active) As a swift action, once per combat, the hero grants 3 armor to herself or a nearby ally for two turns.”

Thundering Challenge: “(Active) Once per combat, as a swift action, Hero frightens the enemy, forcing them to spend their next turn running away.”

Vigilance: “(Passive) The Hero’s heightened senses allow them to perform infinite reaction strikes per turn.”

Wolfcall: “(Passive) After a successful kill, the hero’s allies gain +2 speed for this and the following turn.”

Zealous Leap: “(Active) 1 turn cooldown. As a swift action, Hero makes a daring leap up to 3 spaces away.”

Mystic Abilities

Arches: “(Active) Hero bonds with the earth, and summons from seedling and silt a wondrous tree that pins surrounding enemies.”

Compulsion: “(Active) Hero briefly interfuses with an Enemy and forces it to move where he pleases.”

Earthscribe: “Advanced interfusion abilities for Stones and Bones. Allies may wall with objects that Hero is interfused with.”

Elementalist: “Advanced interfusions for liquid, metal, and wood. Interfused fires do not burn out.”

Humanist: “Advanced interfusions based on human artifice, instruments, and accidents.”

Ignite: “(Active) Hero targets flammable debris, pulling motes of heat out of the air and gathering them into a single point to create an interfused blaze.”

Indignance: “(Passive) Hero’s presence is charged against her foes, dealing damage to hostile creatures who enter adjacency to her for any reason.”

Mythweaver: “Advanced interfusions for books and textiles; interfused statues grant +1 Potency; interfused garb has a chance to reflect damage.”

Natural Ally: “(Passive) Allies may wall with objects that the hero is interfused with.”

Naturalist: “Advanced interfusion abilities for living matter.”

Openmind: “(Passive) The Hero can interfuse with one additional target (maximum).”

Soulsplitting: “(Passive) When Hero takes damage, for each interfused object, 1 point is prevented, and the object takes 2 damage instead.”

Spiritblade: “(Passive/Active) When allies stand next to an interfused object, they gain +1 damage; Interfused blazes can be used to grant nearby allies fiery attacks.”

Vigorflow: “(Passive) For each interfused object, Hero’s physical attacks gain +1 damage.”

Hunter Abilities

Ambush: “(Active) Hero draws back, ready to loose an attack upon any enemy who enters the threatened strip of tiles. If the shot is not sprung, the hero releases the attack at the beginning of their next turn.”

Archery: “(Passive) Hero counters all ranged attacks against him or any adjacent allies.”

Ember Arrows: “(Passive) When standing by a blaze, Hero’s ranged attacks have +1 damage and shred and start fires. Fire can’t spread onto her.”

Flashcone: “(Active) Once per combat, Hero throws a flashcone that blinds enemies, and deals their potency as magic damage. If thrown at an ally, they will be hidden.”

Foxflight: “(Passive/Active) Hero has +1 speed; Once per combat, as a free action, activate to dodge the next two attacks against them (disables passive)”

Jumpjaw: “(Active) Twice per combat, as a swift action, Hero throws a Jumpjaw trap that will damage and pin the first enemy who walks near.”

Quellingmoss: “(Passive) Hero’s physical attacks apply Poison 1; as a single action, she can throw a bottle of poison that poisons all units in a small area.”

Rogue: “(Passive) Every time Hero kills an enemy, he/she enters grayplane for free.”

Thornfang: “(Passive) Hero is refunded an action point for each melee kill.”

Through Shot: “(Active) Hero fires a cleverly placed arrow that will pass through the first target and hit the next target in a line, within attack range.”

Windwalk: “(Active) Once per combat as a swift action, (Hero) can call on wind spirits to guide them to a distant tile.”

General Abilities

Aid: “(Active) Once per combat, Hero uses an action to heal an adjacent target for 2 + Level and remove negative status effects (temporary health does not affect wound recovery time).”

Bard: “(Passive) Hero reduces the cost of recruit jobs by 1 LP. +5 stunt to all heroes in the party.”

Bowmaster: “(Passive) Hero deals +1 damage and has +1 range with bows and crossbows. Bows no longer have a minimum range.”

Endurance: “(Passive) Hero has +2 armor.”

Hardiness: “(Passive) Hero has +30 percent health. ”

Heroism: “(Active) Once per combat, as a swift action, the hero gains +1 action point, and attack actions cost only one action point this turn.”

Long Reach: “(Passive) The Hero has +1 range with all attacks and abilities.”

Riposte: “(Passive) The Hero will counter-attack after a successful melee block, if a melee weapon is equipped.”

Snakestrike: “(Passive) Hero will counter-attack after a successful melee dodge, if a melee weapon is equipped.”

Viciousness: “(Passive) Hero’s melee attack deal +1 damage.”

Wisdom: “The Hero gets a bonus to all campaign-level tasks based on age (+100% of base job speed for every 25 years).”


Avenger (Sword): “Fire enchantment, +1 stunt damage.”

Bone Bow: “Bonus to potency, but a penalty to charisma.”

Bone Spear: “Bonus to potency, but a penalty to charisma.”

Cyclone Fork (Greatspear): “+1 speed, +1 stunt damage.”

Dreadscythe (Greatspear): “Broadswipes (On attack, deals 1 damage to all enemies within range). +1 stunt damage.”

Empowered Bone Bow: “Bonus to potency, but a penalty to charisma. Stunt effect: Shreds 1 armor of all enemies within a 2-tile radius.”

Empowered Bone Spear: “Bonus Potency, but a penalty to Charisma. Stunt effect: Shreds 1 armor of all enemies within a 2-tile radius.”

Grimblade (Sword): “Heal on kill, but no sword block bonus.”

Minotaur Axe (Greataxe): “Deals bonus damage to Deepists, +1 stunt damage.”

Night Shard (Sword): “Bonus dodge, +1 Stunt Damage.”

Oath of Oldwane (Dagger): “Gives +2 warding and +4 potency, and deals 2x damage (after armor) if flanking. Hero becomes skeletal and the blade becomes fused to the hero’s hand.”

Petriglass Seaspear (Greatspear): “+1 stunt damage. Stunt effect: Refunds an action point.”

Titan’s Fist (Hammer): “Bonus Knockback, +1 Stunt Damage.”

Will of the Forest (Greatspear): “Spawns trees on kill, grants extra potency.”


Critter: “+15 Melee Accuracy.”

Drauven Bird: “+5 Melee Accuracy, +5 Range Accuracy.”

Duck: “+7 Dodge, +7 Block.”

Fire Chicken: “The Fire Chicken can light a fire on an adjacent tile, once every three turns.”

Golden Rabbit: “The Golden Rabbit passively boosts Damage by +1.”

Pinecone: “Hero can wall with trees.”

Rat: “+5 Dodge.”

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