Who Is This Man Walkthrough with 100% Achievements

Walkthrough for obtaining all achievements in the game.



 Many of the item placements in the game are random, so we cannot give you precise locations for those items. luckily the house is fairly small so finding the items shouldn’t be too much trouble.
 If you die you respawn with all your items. It’s sometimes quicker than going back to the house to ship something. So don’t worry about being too stealthy.
 You can carry up to 4 items at a time, so remember to drop the unneeded items.
 The game must be finished in a single sitting, if you quit you must start over.
 Achievements unlock upon close.

Estimated 100% Time: 30 minutes

  • Get inside your house and pick up the flashlight near the laptop
  • Use the computer and buy a miner from the store.
  • Leave the house; you should see a box called Cargo in the front yard.

  • All items you buy from the store are delivered there.
  • Pick up the miner from inside and place it anywhere in your home to start earning money.


  • Go to the house in front of yours, if you come close to the man and get caught you will earn:

Say hi!

  • Go inside the house in front of yours.
  • You can use either the front door or the garage, pull the lever to open the garage door.
  • Find the elevator and go to the penthouse.
  • Pick up the terminal and go all the way to your house.
  • Drop the terminal in the report box in your house right of the laptop.
  • Use the computer click on report, and send the item.

Contact the terminal

  • Now that we got some money use the shop and buy the spy camera and pick it up from the delivery box outside.
  • With the camera equipped we need to run around the house of the neighbour and try to find a hidden code on the wall which is the code for the safe. The placement is random so you need to actively search for it on the walls. You should do other tasks as you search for the code.

Example of how it should look:

  • Now we need to find either a hammer, or a red key. The locations are random but always will be somewhere in your neighbours house. Also keep your eyes out for the map; if you find it send it by using the report box to earn an achievement.

If you find the hammer or the red key, scroll down to find out what step to do next.

Below are just example locations, the placement can be totally random. Screenshots are just to give reference.

Red key:

Hammer: (It can also spawn in the car of your neighbour.)


a mysterious pirate map

It’s worthy of the masters.

If you found the hammer continue here

  • Get inside the house and use the elevator, this time go to the basement.
  • Use the hammer to break the wall.
  • Drop the hammer and take the shovel.
  • Go outside to the backyard of your neighbour and dig up the shallow soil with the shovel.
  • Drop the shovel. Pick up the spanner from inside and use that to remove the 4 nuts of the locked cupboard in the garage.
  • Drop the spanner and pick up the rusty key from the inside
  • Go to the basement again using the elevator and use the rusty key on the door there.
  • Drop the rusty key and pick up the green key card from inside.
  • Use the key card on the locked door near the main entrance and drop it.

Use the card!

If you found the red key continue here

  • With this key go up the stairs and open the lock of the door on the right behind the stairs.
  • Open the left cupboard that is near the window to find a car key, pick it up.
  • if its not there search the other cupboard on the right or the middle blue one.

  • Use the car key we found earlier on the back of the door and find a crowbar inside.
  • Drop the car key and pick up the crowbar.
  • Use the crowbar on the door near the main entrance.

If you found the hidden code on the wall continue from here

  • Go to the safe that can be found near the elevator inside the closet and open it using the code you found. You need to aim at the buttons you want to press and hit “E” and finally press on the enter key which is in the bottom right corner.

Find the password!

  • Take the old key from inside and use it to open the door near the main entrance. (To open the door you need to have done the previous actions too: using the key card, and the crowbar on said door)
  • Pick up the brain from inside the room and ship it like we did previously in your house.

curly! watery brain.

  • Shipping the brain gives a lot of money, so now we can quickly buy the remaining achievement items.
  • Buy the walkie-talkie from the shop using your laptop and use it.
  • Make sure you see lightning after using it for the achievement to trigger.

Use your private radio!

  • Buy a drone using the laptop.
  • Pick up the drone and joystick from the cargo box.
  • Throw the drone and use the joystick to control it, it must be controlled with the joystick for the achievement to trigger.

Hello, new pilot!

You should now have 100% achievements and can close the game.

If you wish to finish the game you you must find more evidence such as the red floppy, and secret note ship it like before. after getting 100% evidence report it to police using your laptop.

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