WHAT THE GOLF: All Achievements Guide

There are a lot of achievements related to reaching 100%, they will not be covered. It’s fairly easy to get 100% in the game: For each flag, play all three levels and collect the trophy next to the end of the hub world (Sports mode included). If you finished the game, you will have played every level.

Trophy Room

The rest of the guide will assume you have 100% game completion. Check your trophy room to see which ones you are missing.
This is based on memory so I apologise if it’s not 100% accurate.

World 1, 2, 4, 9, and 10 have no secrets (I assume)

World 8
On the bottom right of the football field, there are some trees. You can go through the top half to reach the hidden trophy.

World 7
Head north towards the toaster and turn right, there will be a broken toilet, enter that pipe.

World 6
Go to world 5 and head down, this should be on the left side of the cafeteria

World 5
Golfclub – Head to world 2 and take the boat to the bottom right of the ocean.
Chicken – Select world 5c (the gravity based levels) and head to the far bottom left of the screen.

World 3
Head to world 2 and get the chainsaw golfball. Take the upgrade back to world 3 and head south to cut the trees on the right side of the hallway.

Let me know if I missed any trophies.

Other Achievements

1000/10000 Strokes and 5/10 Hours
Don’t bother with these until all other achievements are done. If not, just afk or spam click.

True Sports Person and 100% Sporty Sport Challenge Champ!
Play Sporty Sports to completion

Cable Guy

Step 1: Go to the Sporty Sports challenge, from the main menu

Step 2: Go to any completed level, or complete a level and go back to it. You want the TV / level section to pop up

Step 3: Move the antenna in the upper left of the TV –

Step 4: Move it so that the Frog King appears –

Step 5: Wait a few seconds for the achievement to pop

Shoutouts to GlaDOS in the Triband discord for helping me find this.


Daly Golf 9/18 holes
Play the daily challenge on 18 different days, you can’t play it 18 times on the same day. (The game isn’t 9 days old yet so we don’t actually know, but it will probably work.)

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