West of Dead: Tricks in Beta Phase 2

Here are some nice tricks I realized after beating the Beta Phase 2 and killing Wendigo.


  • You can fire two weapons simultaneously
    ( I used this with two double-barrel-pistols to do massive damage)
  • You can dodge any attack in any direction, similar to Dark Souls.
  • Enemies don’t see you when you just entered the doorway.
    Use this to pick out one enemy at a time if you have the patience.
  • You can kick enemies as you do with doors, just have to get close enough.
  • If you’re playing with a keyboard, you have to face the enemy and your bullets will be guided to them.
  • If you use a controller, you can aim with the joystick.
    If you’re standing still, let go of the joystick so it can automatically guide the bullets for you.
    Keep aiming if you’re running and gunning.
  • Cheat? Pressing Numpad – will cause slow motion. Slowness can be increased up to 4X. Pressing Numpad + will cause the game to go back to normal, not speed up.

By 慢慢长胖