Webbed: How to Get Hat Button & The Last 2 Flies

Here is a simple guide on how to get the secret button (you will get a hat) and the last flies in Webbed.


How to Get Hat Button

At the location on the map, slingshot yourself over this ridge at the top left.
Make sure you hug the wall as you fall so you don’t miss the platform.

Credit to MitchBeard


The Hidden Area with the Last 2 Flies

Where to find it

The entrace to the area is in the room with the first seesaw in the dungbeetle area


While standing on the ground you use the patch of grass on the side of the wall to sling yourself up in the tunnel where the chain is connected. If you’re successful you will be taken to a new area where you quickly have to launch a new web

Credit to Lillpluten
That’s all, hope this guide will help you. enjoy the game.

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