Warhammer 40,000 Darktide: Zealot Build (Broken OP Preacher Endgame & Leveling Guide)

The Zenos, the Heretic, the lion the with and the wardrobe. All these things you’ll be purifying in the Emperor’s name at behest of the Zealot. Today I want to give you a fun build for the Preacher focused on keeping you mobile in combat and hopefully keeping you alive throughout the duration of your playthrough.


Iconic Abilities (Passives)

We are going to take a moment here and familiarize ourselves with the abilities that come with the class.

We will be taking these passive class abilities into consideration when making our build.

Ultimate Ability: Chastise the Wicked

This is the best ult in the game by far. The fact that it restores your toughness instantly by itself would be enough to make it the best but the damage modifier as well makes it all the better. I usually save my ult for when my toughness breaks i can instantly get it back and stay in the fight. You can also use it to do massive damage on elites with the damage modifier if you want.

↓ End Game Build ↓

Below this section is the Feats used for End Game.

LvL 5 Feat: Enemies Within, Enemies Without

With the Preacher you are going to be in close combat a lot. You also need to remember that Toughness is an Infinite resource whereas Health is a Finite resource. You have to find ways to replenish health. Your Toughness will regenerate on its own so why not keep it topped off so you do not start to lose your health. This gives you toughness without having to be aggressive as well, you can Block and Push enemies and still be gaining toughness; You do not need to be attacking.

LvL 10 Feat: Punishment

This feat is very easily triggered with cleave damage and is very useful when you Stagger enemies it gives you time to breathe. Also at max stacks gain Uninterruptable which is a nice when you need to Revive your teammates because it cant be stopped and it also keeps you in the fight for longer.

LvL 15 Feat: Benediction

Now this STACKS with your class Aura passive (Emperor’s Will) which gives 7% Toughness damage reduction. so anyone who is in Coherency range of you will get 21% Toughness damage reduction. This is very important because in the harder difficulties Toughness is so important.

LvL 20 Feat: Thy Wrath be Swift

This is nice because it allows you to get out of a really bad situation quickly. If your Chastise the Wicked ( F ) is down and you can’t move out of combat this at least gives you a nice little burst of speed. If you’re running away from enemies as well and they hit you in the back you’ll gain the speed needed to get away from them. We are taking this just because of the speed, the damage boost is just an added bonus.

LvL 25 Feat: Emperor’s Executioner

Now I haven’t talked about this yet but we will be using the Flamethrower in this build because it is beyond broken right now. You can solo entire Hordes and Elites just with it. This feat gives us more damage the closer we are with the flamethrower and it’ll help you take out those bigger enemies faster.

LvL 30 Feat: Purge the Wicked

Do i need to say anything here? TWO charges of the best ult in the game. This is a no brainer pick

Full Endgame Build

↓ Level Progression Build ↓

Below is a good build to use as you’re leveling.

LvL 5 Feat: Purify in Blood

I would pick this at early levels because in the earlier difficulties you’re not going to be defending as much against the enemies. You can basically swing away and kill as you please so this is a good choice. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be Blocking and Pushing because you don’t want to be building bad habits for when you get to higher difficulties.

LvL 10 Feat: Bloodletting

Going with this Feat here just to ramp up that damage in the early levels. Again, you’re not going to need to be as defensive in the early difficulties so getting as much damage as you can here is good.

LvL 15 Feat: Benediction

We are going with this Feat again just because it’s that good. I can’t explain how important Toughness is in this game.

LvL 20 Feat: Faith Restores All

As I’ve said before in the lower three difficulties you can actually replenish the health you’ve lost before you die. When you play the higher difficulties you will die before you can replenish the health but for now this is a good choice.

LvL 25 Feat: Rising Conviction

Again just getting damage here for the lower levels.

LvL 30 Feat: Purge the Wicked

Two Charges. Best Ult in the Game. Enough Said.

Full Progression Build

↓Weapon Loadout ↓

Below we will look at the weapons used.

Thunder Hammer

THIS is the only weapon you will ever need and once you get one you will know why. It is a Preacher exclusive weapon and man does this thing slap. Charged attacks Cleave through enemies and knock them down so you can just stand at the front of a horde and keep swinging away with heavy attacks. Now the Weapon’s Special attack is what makes it so good. If you combo your weapon’s special attack with your ult you can ONESHOT almost any enemy in the game (if you have a legendary version that is.). Once you get one of these it’s GG.


Flamers in my opinion are just stupid broken right now. The deal massive amounts of damage. They STAGGER enemies. You get stupid amounts of ammo for them. Most of they dont do damage to teammates so you can just fire away. get it. Anyway if a horde is coming and you back yourself into a corner with one of these babies nothin is touching you. Just have your teammates cover you while you’re reloading because it’s sort of long but not too bad.


This is just preference but for me I am stacking Toughness and Damage resistance. Anything to keep me alive longer and in the fight on the higher difficulties. TOUGHNESS IS KING IN THIS GAME.

Self Plug

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Thanks to Starjadian for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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