Waifu Fighter: Final Boss Guide (How to Beat)

How to beat the game.


How to Play


This is a parry game.

Up, Down, Left, Right.

You have to click through Speaking Prompts. (Wished it had Auto Scroll)

Can’t really play one-handed due to needing to click the story prompts.


Training has 4 components:

1. HP (Take more hits)

2. Stamina (Block More)

3. Perception (Slows Down Punch Speed)

4. Strength ( Your hits get stronger/faster takedowns)

I highly suggest skipping out on Stamina. Stamina is bugged in the game and current version does not have player Stamina drain.

The most important level up is Perception.
I basically used all my cash to level this up to about 7. At Level 7-8 you will have a decent amount of time to block even the Boss’ Final Assault.

When you get to Wummy, you should try to play though the ladies at least once in (Fight Only) to get some extra cash.

Then I suggest investing in HP at least 3 Levels.

If you play Wummy and get tired of how long the fight takes, then you can level up STR, but totally not necessary.

So basically Perception, HP, then STR. Ignore Stamina.

Tricky Attacks

There are three tricks the game will throw at you.

RED Circle.

This is basically made to force you to block and you will take damage. Starts in the second fight and doesn’t get old. Learn to read this one because the Vampire loves it and will happily string 3 in a row.

BLUE Arrow.

This is harder. You press the opposite direction to block. Starts with Ninja and doesn’t get old. Maybe practice the Ninja round a bit because the Vampire and Wummy abuse the Blue arrow as well.

Sucker Punches

This is not in the game mechanics, but the game does this anyway.
When you deplete the Waifu’s Stamina, you have a chance to do some damage. When that stage is over, the game goes immediately into blocks again. Sometimes it also happens after a story cutscene. You will not have time for it unless you put levels into Perception. It doesn’t do too much damage since its a regular punch. However, certain stages it will hurt you. The second stage of the Ninja can 1-2 shot. The Vampire will heal back to half health or more. And If you haven’t leveled up HP, Wummy can 1-2 shot you.

The Wummy Fight

My Stats

HP Lvl 3
Stamina 0
Perception: 7
STR: 6

Unlike the other Waifus, Wummy doesn’t have a pattern. It’s random which makes sense because she’s the Wildling.

Be extra careful right after hitting her back. The punches deal a TON of damage.

First stage shouldn’t be too bad, but she does get moderately faster than the other girls.
Lots of Blue Arrows on my playthrough.

Second Stage, she gets faster and I rarely saw any regular arrows. Likes to alternate Blue Arrows and Red Circles a lot.

Final Stage. Not too bad, but the punches deal double damage. Also Punches come out super fast ( I tried a no Training Run and this killed me every time) . Beware of the Sucker punches after exhausting her and dealing damage as 1-2 will end you. I saw no regular arrows on some matches here. If you lose, don’t feel too bad; since you need to dodge like triple the amount of punches the game will reward you with decent monies to put into STR or HP. On top of all that, she heals when you get hit, like the Vampire.

On the Final Stage, Lvl 3 HP got me 2 sucker punch hits, but I was at 1 punch life after.
If you still need slower prompts, then Max Out Perception, then go for HP.
If you keep getting hit, dump some money into HP.

EDIT: I dumped Money into HP and at level 7 after writing this guide: she’s not as threatening.

Hopefully you don’t get too frustrated and can enjoy the Wummy story spoils afterwards.

Grinding Cash

Arguable the best way to grind cash is the Vampire Fight.

Wummy gives you more, but it lasts forever.

Wummy gives like $20000

Vampire gives $15000

Just keep going back into the Vamp fight.

If you don’t like a pressure of perfect blocking since they Heal on hit, the Ninja gives $12000.

You get less money the more hits you take in the fights, but if you can beat Wummy, you should be able to trample over the other fights.

Thanks to MagicLuchador for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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