Victoria Clair and the Mystery Express: 100% Achievements Guide

Victoria Clair and the Mystery Express is a girl and her cat solve a Jazz-Age murder mystery by doing everyone’s math homework for them.  here is a full walkthrough with 100% achievements guide.

Note: Spoiler warning!



The intro is not skippable.
Until the final scene, you may quickly click through all dialogue if you wish.

Achievement Overview:

Coffee Break (Resume play from a saved game.) and Feed the Cat (Buy a hint on any puzzle.) can be done at any time.

There are 2 achievements in the kitchen: Delicious Cake and Fishious Appetite.
Delicious Cake is missable!

The remaining 3 are for solving all the puzzles and completing the game. (Clair Flair, A Likely Story, Victorious Clair)


After the intro:
Puzzle #1 – Room Numbers
Answer:B. Elle
Use a hint on any puzzle for Achievement: Feed the Cat

Click on your Journal (top right corner) at any point, Save, Quit, and Continue for Achievement: Coffee Break

Talk to Elle in the hallway.
Puzzle #2 – Baffling Bridges:
Answer: C.

Talk to Elle again and go through all conversation options.

Enter your room again. Click on the fish on the bed.
Puzzle #3: Flipping the Fish

Click on the lion picture on the wall.
Puzzle #4: Lazy Lions:

Go back to hall, go backwards, and talk to Helena.
Puzzle #5 Fighting the Flu:
Answer: 29
Talk to Helena.

Enter the room on the right.
Click on the luggage and talk to Cornelius.
Puzzle #9: Prosperous Pirates:
Answer: 150
Talk to Cornelius.

Go back to hall, go backwards, and talk to Julie outside.
Puzzle #7: Puzzling Polygons
Answer: 14

Click on the corn field on the right.
Puzzle #11: Scholarly Sheep
Answer: 2

Go back, forward, forward.
Talk to Jeremiah in the dining car.
Puzzle #13 Munching on Mice:
Answer: Mouse B

Click on top left cabinet.
Puzzle #6: Petulant Princes

(top left uncolored spot is yellow)

Click on the forward door.
Puzzle #8: Logic Luncheon:
Answer: E. Sam

Go forward.
Talk to Victor.
Puzzle #10 A Hard Day’s Knight

Click on top brown boxes.
Puzzle #12: Building Boxes

Click milk.
Puzzle #14: Cutting the Cake
Answer: 3

Missable!!! Keep choosing top option until he gives you the cake.
Achievement: Delicious Cake

By this point, you should have all the information you need for Achievement: A Likely Story

Click on top left cabinet for fishy snacks.
Achievement: Fishious Appetite

Go backwards, backwards, and talk to Elle.
“What’s one more puzzle between pals?”
Puzzle 15: Baffling Bridges II
Answer: 4
Achievement: Clair Flair

Talk to Elle and gather everyone for final questions.

When the ‘red text’ line comes up, press [J] on keyboard and select the correct evidence.

red text "no one investigated the cause of death" 
    -> Helena's testimony
It kills almost exactly an hour after ingestion.
When did the victim eat and drink?
red text "We can't verify the time of Jeremiah's conversation with the victim."
    -> Julie's testimony
red text "And there's nothing to suggest that Mr. Wedgehurst might have been dead by 9:30 pm."
    -> Victor's testimony
The conditions of the crime scene!
red text "Then, I heard what sounded like Jeremiah and Archibald talking together outside in the hallway."
    -> Jeremiah's testimony
red text "I don't remember how it started, but that's when I had my short conversation with Mr. Wedgehurst." 
    -> Jeremiah's testimony
Paints and fabric dyes
red text "Nothing about my career suggests that I'd have anything like that just lying around!" 
    -> Victor's testimony
It never happened at all!


Achievement: Victorious Clair

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