Vibrant Venture: All Achievements Guide (Beta 2.1.0)

This guide will tell you how to unlock all 15 achievements as of Beta 2.1.0 in Vibrant Venture.


All Achievements Guide Beta 2.1.0

Into Forever Fall Forest

You’ll need to beat 1-1 to unlock this achievement.

With Upgrades Like These

Simply equip an upgrade from Hickory’s shop. The cheapest upgrades are Longer Slow Mo and Risk & Reward for 200 gems.

Mother Fungus

Defeat Madeline in 1-Boss, the level is unlocked after 1-4 on the world map.

A New Best Friend

You’ll need to equip a pet. You can either create a pet of your own in the Pet Maker or subscribe to one in the Steam Workshop.

Forest Venturer
Unlock this achievement by beating 1-S
1-S is available after beating 1-2. The screenshot below can help you find where it is.


Defeat Violastro Bot in 2-Boss, 2-Boss is available after 2-4


You’ll need to beat the conductor in 3-2. You’ll fight him at the end of the level.

Challenge: Forever Fall Forest

You’ll need to beat 1-C, you can unlock it after obtaining all the Semag Coins in every level in World 1.

Cornucopia’s Most Wanted

This achievement is obtained in 1-Town, you’ll need to jump onto the Inn Counter, Hickory Shop Counter, and the picnic table with two people playing a board game. Refer to the images below.

Challenge: Sparklestone Shores

You’ll need to beat 2-C, you can unlock it after obtaining all the World 2 Semag Coins.

Big Spender

Spend at least 5000 gems on upgrades in Hickory’s Upgrade Shop.

Secret Talent
You’ll need to find Juniper in every single level she is found in.
You can see if you found Juniper in a level from the Totals Screen in the pause menu.
The top picture means she is found in that level, the below image means she is yet to be found.

After finding her in every level she is found in, go to 1-Home, and she should be near the Inn to show you her final artwork.

Challenge: Lonely Lunaria

You’ll need to beat 3-C to unlock this achievement, you can find the level after obtaining every World 3 Semag Coin.

Club Maestro

Club Maestro is a hidden area in 3-1. You can find it with the following steps:

First, get to the following point below with the normal route.
The point follows after the part where you use Pistachio’s Umbrella to slowly fall down and avoid lasers.

After getting to this point, follow the normal route that the maestro follows. Stop at this spot.
Once getting to the above point, please refer to the video on what to do next.

Once you’ve gotten to that point, collect the red gem and you get the achievement.

For those who have trouble watching the video, do the following, Do a High Jump with Banana by slamming it into the ground and jumping, then use Cardinal and double jump, then switch back to Banana and do a ground slam cancel by hitting e twice to do a short hop, then wall jump with Banana onto the platform with the Maestros.

How Did It Come To This

This achievement is unlocked in 3-3. Here are the steps to getting this achievement:

First, go along the normal route until you get to this point.

Do the part normally, when the cutscene where the waterfalls starts, you’ll want to go to the waterfall.

After going back to the waterfall, move the crate to the right of the waterfall, over to the left with a character such as Cardinal.

When pushing the crate, move you should notice your character clipping slightly into the ground.

If you see this correctly, fall through with down + jump.

You’ve now entered the area and should be granted the achievement.

Thanks to 8P Studios for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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