Vampire Survivors: How to Get Nearly Infinite Gold and Levels

Ever wanted near infinite gold and levels in Vampire Survivors?
Well thanks to the Great Gospel and a few other tweaks with Characters, Arcana, Stages and Modes now you can.


How to get a ridiculous amount of gold.

So using this method I ended up with this much gold after just 1 run

What you need:
Great Gospel this is a new item added in the recent 8.0 update
Red Death (a few other characters probably work too but this is the one I used, if you do try any other just make sure to check their base Greed value first Gallo and Divano are notable for their low Greed value which is the opposite of what you want here)
Hyper Bone Zone this area has the highest gold multiplier out of all the current stages.
Arcanas – XX Silent old Sanctuary and XV Disco of Gold

If you have all of that click start, select Red Death make sure to set Max Weapons to 1 then select The Bone Zone and make sure to set Hyper, Arcanas and Limit Break to on, I’d generally advise against Hurry though as that’ll just reduce the amount of times Disco of Gold can activate.

For you first Arcana make sure to pick either Silent old Sanctuary or Disco of Gold, either is good, Disco will of course get you earning gold faster and allow you to easily restore health which would otherwise be difficult in The Bone Zone but Silent old Sanctuary will also allow you to fight and clear the enemies much more easily.

For you level ups the two main items you’ll want are Empty Tome and Stone Mask.
I would advise against getting Candelabrador, Bracer, Duplicator and Spinach as Area, Speed, Amount and Might are things you will naturally gain from over levelling Death Spiral, so imo it’s better to focus on bonuses you wouldn’t otherwise get. Armour and Pummarola are both good choices if you didn’t take Disco of Gold at the start and are concerned about your early survivability.
Crown, Clover and Attractorb also all their certain uses but none of them are essential so take whichever you like the most. And of course Torrona’s Box is good too if you have it.

Don’t forget to pick up the Silver Bracelet and Metaglio Right once you’ve filled out your other accessory slots and then the Gold Bracelet and Metaglio Left once you’re comfortable you’re strong enough to handle the extra curse levels.

But basically as long as you survive long enough to have Disco of Gold active and start over levelling Spiral of Death you’ll be earning gold incredibly quickly, just remember standing still is the best way to keep the bar for Disco of Gold full.
And the main things you’ll want to focus when over levelling Death Spiral are Amount, Area and Might (if the former two aren’t available).

How to break levels and also get the in game timer to treat 2+ mins irl as just 10 seconds

What you need:
Great Gospel this is a new item added in the recent 8.0 update
O’ Sole
Il Molise

Select O’ Sole and set max weapons to 1.
Select Il Molise make sure Limit Break is enabled and whatever other settings you want.

If you also enabled Arcana and you have it available select XX Silent old Sanctuary.

Now just start running and healing those plants you should gain xp.
You can pretty much grab whatever other acessories you want, the over levelling will be doing most of the work.
Crown and Wings would be good ones though if you want suggestions. Empty Tome should also be useful.
The only accessories that are not really worth getting are Armour, Hollow Heart, Pummarola, Attractorb,Trigatsu and Stone Mask (though Stone Mask would have some use but it’d be very small)

Now basically just keep wandering around until the over levelling for Celestial Dusting starts, if you want to micromanage this to start with I’d recommend focusing, Amount, Area, Might, Duration in that order of priorty, but after I while I recommend just looking to the right side where Banish, Reroll etc usually pop up and just selecting that Always Random option.
Now you can keep frolicking around and the amount of healing you do and experience you earn will grow exponentially even without you moving to the point where you have so many level ups per second even without having to micromanage them all the brief pauses and just huge lag by sheer amount and size of various things on the screen will lag the game to the point of 2+ mins outside of the game being counted as just 10 seconds in game.
Also though at around this point I’d recommend pausing and just clicking quit be it’s only gonna keep getting slower from there and you might be starting to have trouble getting the game to pause anyway.

But the end results should look a little something like this

That’s at just 9:37 in


What number is 1G? Idk 1 Googolplex? Apparently that’s how much damage it ended up doing along with 1.7M per sec.

There is of course no real benefit to doing this, though it might be the most fun way to unlock a certain secret character. Along with of course give the opportunity to laugh manically about your new found power.

Thanks to Myst Lunarbane for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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