Valfaris: Mecha Therion: All Spy Flea Locations

Guide to every Spy Flea location for the “That Itch Is Gone” achievement



This is a quick guide to every Spy Flea location in Valfaris: Mecha Therion.

There’s a total of 8 Spy Fleas in the game, one per stage. Spy Fleas are invisible enemies that can be detected by their glowing eyes. They will attempt to flee when they receive damage, but you can always reload from the last checkpoint if they managed to escape.
To get the achievement you have to kill all of them in a single playthrough.

Stage 1 – Carnack’s Mining Base

The first Spy Flea is in the tunnel after the Shipburster miniboss, right after the health powerup locked behind breakable walls.

Stage 2 – Ruins of Anvin

Right after the section with Cerberus Wheels, Spy Flea #2 is in the bottom part of the room.

Stage 3 – Plains of Tucrid

Spy Flea #3 is in the second tunnel of the stage (where you get the “You’re now entering the hive. Kykris slumbers somewhere deep within” message).

Stage 4 – Oceanic Wastelands

Spy Flea #4 is behind a pillar in the section where the lightning strikes (after Lord Carnack miniboss).

Stage 5 – Outer City

Spy Flea #5 is in the Resistance Underground Base, right before the crossing lasers.

Stage 6 – The City Wall

This one is quite difficult to spot because of the red background. After the first checkpoint there’s a section with those walking turret things on the ground and on the ceiling. Right after that section there’s a Spy Flea #6 in the upper part of the screen.

Stage 7 – Fortress Ascent

Another difficult to spot Spy Flea (red background again). After the second checkpoint, in the section where you move upward, there’s a part with rotating lasers to your left. Right after it, as soon as you see the first floating mine – there’s a Spy Flea #7 to the right.

Stage 8 – The Cathedral

In the beginning of the stage, before you even reach the first checkpoint – the last Spy Flea #8 is under one of the platforms.

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