Fortnite Update 6.02 Patch Notes Quad Rocket Launcher And Disco Domination

Fortnite Update 6.02 has been released recently which includes the addition of the Quad Launcher, new limited Time Mode: Disco Domination, Noble Launcher (Save the World) and more details listed below.   Quad Rocket Launcher Fire rockets in quick succession towards enemies with this new weapon to earn an explosive Victory Royale! Disco Domination Break out your best moves … Read more

Overwatch Update Patch Notes 2.52 Halloween Terror Is Coming

Overwatch’s Halloween event is live with the update to version 2.52 on PS4, in addition to PC and Xbox One. The official October 9th update is titled as Halloween Terror and features plenty of new skins. Overwatch: Origins Edition is available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Like all October updates since release, this … Read more

Battlefield V Weapons Details Change Progression DICE Is Listening To Players

DICE Engagement Designer, Erik Ortman, took the lead in explaining how they are improving Battlefield V weapons. The first thing he cleared up (via Twitter), is that the feature was incorrectly called “Upgrades” in the beta. The correct term is “Specializations.” Every weapon and vehicle Specialization tree now offer a choice for how the player wants … Read more