Untitled Goose Game: All Secrets List

This is a full list of secrets. Spoiler Alert!!!


All Secrets Locations

There is a blue ribbon hidden in the grass near the well.

There is a hole in the hedge of the garden which can be used for easy access to it.

You can open the barrel of beer at the restaraunt at the Pub.

You can dress up the bust in the Back Gardens with different items other than the belongings of the Tidy Neighbour. You can also unlock the achievement ‘Pretty’.

There is a coin near the Well that you can pick up. You can drop it in and wish for anything. ( The last sentence is just for fun, but maybe they will come true!)

There is a Minature Goose at the first bush that you see near the left in the Model Village[].
You can break the vase in another way other than throwing it over the fence. You can bring it to the 3rd neighbors house and when it flies out, it breaks.

You can honk in the sewage pipe to make it louder.

If you drop items in the well, they will float out of the sewage pipe.

If done properly, the goose will curl it’s head when facing the bell in the Back Gardens.

Thanks to Meowmau 🐱 and PeeperDuck for their excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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