Underground Blossom: 100% Achievements Guide

All achievements in the game.



Number of achievements: 34
Number of missable achievements: 0
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Free-Roam After Story: Yes
Does difficulty affect achievements?: No

No achievements are missable. At some point in the game you’ll gain ability to freely travel between stations and get all missed achievements, even after finishing the game.

All chapters except for the last one include four achievements numbered 1, 2, 3, 4.
1 – Story related. Awarded for finishing the chapter chapter.
2 – Story related. Awarded mid-chapter for an action pushing the progress forward.
3 – Awarded for finding a random action, usually related to clicking an object multiple times.
4 – Available only after completing the game.

The achievements are presented in chronological order although there might be slight differences between earning “2” and “3” achievements depending on your choices in the game. The final chapter “Underground” is much more flexible but no achievement is missable in it.

Since the last achievement in each chapter require completing the game they’re in a separate section of this guide so the achievements can be kept in chronological order. I’ve ordered them by chapter, but they can be earned in any order and aren’t missable.

The final chapter Underground is available only after collecting all seven cubes which means obtaining all seven achievements labelled “4”. Achievements in this chapter are a bit more involved which is why their descriptions are longer.

1. Crib Station

Are you proud of yourself?!
Crib Station – 3
Keep clicking the baby’s head.Fast metabolism
Crib Station – 2

Story. Keep clicking the diaper until the baby poops.

Departing Crib Station
Crib Station – 1

Story. Complete the chapter

2. Child Lane

A place of relaxation
Child Lane – 2

Story. Solve the “Holidays From Big to Small” puzzle.
Click: Glass > Hat > Kite > Camel > Plane > Pyramid > Sun.

Child Lane – 3

After opening the photo booth keep clicking the “PHOTO SERVICE” sign.

Departing Child Lane
Child Lane – 1

Story. Finish the chapter.

3. School Street

Can’t sit with them
School Street – 2
Story. Name all the students correctly.
Not cool Johnny
School Street – 3

Keep clicking the boy who was hit with an egg.

Departing School Street
School Street – 1

Story. Finish the chapter.

4. Bird Bridge Station

Music to die for
Bird Bridge Station – 3
Play random melody on the trumpet. You can keep clicking the same note if you wish.
Nice acoustics
Bird Bridge Station – 2

Story. Get the ticket.

Departing Bird Bridge Station
Bird Bridge Station – 1

Story. Finish the chapter.

5. Sorrow Cross

Sweet tooth
Sorrow Cross – 2Story. Solve the vending machine puzzle.Creepy vermin
Sorrow Cross – 3

Once you see a black body on the floor click its head until a bug comes out.

Departing Sorrow Cross
Sorrow Cross – 1

Story. Finish the chapter.

6. Soul Street

Nice technique
Soul Street – 3
Play with a nipple of the prisoner for a while.Time to tell
Soul Street – 2

Story. Get the prisoner to talk.

Departing Soul Street
Soul Street – 1

Story. Finish the chapter.

7. The Lake

The Future in The Past, The Past in The Future
The Lake – 3Click the black butterfly.
I’m not 100% sure about this achievement. Black butterflies appeared a few times in previous chapters and I always clicked them so it’s possible this is a cumulative achievement.Blossom
The Lake – 2

Talk to two ladies next to the blossoming tree.

Departing The Lake
The Lake – 1

Story. Finish the chapter.



Bronze cube
Crib Station – 4

Find Bronze cube.

  1. Go to “Soul Street” and fill the bucket with water.
  2. Go to “Bird Bridge” and empty the bucket into the drain – you’ll receive the Fishing Net.
  3. Go to “Soul Street” and zoom in on the water. When you see a fish jumping out of it use the Fishing Net on it. Use the Crowbar on the Fish to receive the Key.
  4. Go to “Crib Station” and use the Key on the Tickets Booth 2.
  5. Open the booth and pick up the Bronze Cube.

Marble cube
Child Lane – 4

Find Marble cube.

  1. Go to “Sorrow Cross” and use the Crowbar on the open cabinet – you’ll see a button layout.
  2. Go to “Child Lane” and set buttons of the ticket machine to the reverse of the previously seen layout:
  3. Pick up the Marble Cube.

Ice cube
School Street – 4

Find Ice Cube.

  1. Go to “Soul Street” and fill the Bucket with water.
  2. Go to “Crib Station” and empty the bucket into the crate on the floor. Click the water and you’ll see symbols.
  3. Go to “School Street” and enter the symbols on the ticket machine reading from left to right:
  4. Pick up the Ice Cube.

Stone cube
Bird Bridge Station – 4

Find Stone Cube.

  1. Go to “Sorrow Cross” and use the coin you received from the man in The Lake to get the Nut Bar for 50.
  2. Go to “School Street” and use the Nut Bar on Jimmy (blonde boy with glasses) – note the notes from his scream (222123).
  3. Go to “Bird Bridge Station” and play the notes on the trumpet.
  4. Pick up the Stone Cube.

Bone cube
Sorrow Cross – 4

Find Bone Cube.

  1. Go to “Bird Bridge Station” and use the Crowbar on the loose tile. Pick up the $50 Bill.
  2. Use the $50 bill to purchase a donut.
  3. Give the donut to Bob and he’ll tell you to go to the red tiled station at noon.
  4. Go to “Sorrow Cross”, set the time to 12:00 and talk to an old lady who’s appeared in the prison to receive the Bone cube.

Copper cube
Soul Street – 4

Find Copper Cube.

  1. Go to “Child Lane” and paint Mr. Owl’s eyes red.
  2. Pick up the key.
  3. Go to “Soul Street” and use the key to open locker 9.
  4. Pick up the Copper cube.

Wooden cube
The Lake – 4

Find Wooden cube.

  1. Go to “The Lake” and dig (click) to the left of the blossoming tree as per the hint in Laura’s sketchbook.
  2. Pick up the Wooden cube.

8. Underground

One shrimp, please
Underground – 1Story. Insert all seven cubes into the box in The Lake.Ascension
Underground – 4

If you remember nine symbols from the Cube Escape Collection you can order the cubes in the box the same way.

Once that’s done turn left and you’ll see a white square. Go closer and click all the animal souls you see until the door appears. Enter the door.

Back to work
Underground – 2

Story. Reach The Rusty Lake Hotel.

Behind the mask
Underground – 3

Go to “Soul Street” and click the green box to close it.
Enter a new code 5372 to open the box again and get a mask.
Go to “Crib Station” and give the mask to Rose.

Code 5372 was shared by the developers as part of their Q&A. The post is available across various social media, however the best quality was in their Instagram post.

He is back
Underground – 5

Go to “Child Lane” and use the phone. Dial 74222 and you’ll get the time “25 to 9”.
Set the clock to 8:35 and go to “Best Kept Memory Distribution Center”.
Use the keypad next to the door and enter the code 8357992442.
Enter the room and click the lamp.

Number 74222 and code 8357992442 were part of an ARG played at the Rusty Lake discord and at https://bestkeptmemory.com/ The whole investigation can be found in a pinned document on RL discord (72 pages long!).

Number 74222 can be seen in one of the videos advertising Best Kept Memory

Code 8357992442 was a result of finding hidden letters in video tapes of the winners at https://bestkeptmemory.com/ For example tape of the first winner “kat” shows digit 8:

Your memories are safe with us
Underground – 6

Enter code 23 in the tape machine and pick up tape labelled “Vendome_Ba”. Go to the TV and watch the tape. Step back from the TV.

This achievement is part of the same ARG mentioned above. It involves trailer of “The Past Within” for Nintendo Switch and the game “The Past Within” itself. The trailer shows two codes 3Y1 and XZ2 which can be entered in The Past Within. The exact solution is described in the ARG document mentioned above. Basically Vendome Barroso is an anagram of Rose Vanderboom and that’s how we get “Vendome_Ba” (or “”Vendome_Barro” when the tape is in the TV).

Additional information:

This isn’t related to achievements, but I thought I’d add it here. After the He is back achievement you’ll receive a key. Another key is in box 66 (number from ARG) in the VHS tape machine. You can use both keys to open the filing cabinet in the room behind a keypad by entering code 8357992442 again.


A huge thank you to Neviadarya and SLOOM for their help with this guide.

All the clever people figuring our the ARG on the Rusty Lake discord and contributing to the pinned document.

Thanks to catnip for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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