Umurangi Generation: Mauao View Guide

A complete guide for Mauao View. Includes info on how to complete the mission objectives, where to find the film canisters, and tips on how to complete the bonus objectives.


Photo Bounties

[Close Up] 2 Markers

Just to the left of your two friends leaning against the wall is a pile of art supplies. There are 4 markers laying side-by-side. Get close, adjust your focus, and snap the picture.

[Close Up] A Union Jack

This one is a little tricky. You may be looking for a flapping flag or some grimy graffiti, but it’s actually on a skateboard. Behind the fences near your starting position, find the overturned youth-mover. Get close, adjust your focus, and snap the picture.

[Close Up] The word ‘Mix’

Near where you find the skateboard is a boombox with a cassette tap propped against it. It’s a mixtape, appropriately labelled “My Mix”. Get close, adjust your focus, and snap the picture, but watch out for the bluebottles!

[Close Up] A Disposable Camera

You can find one of the lesser cameras near where you find the 2 Markers above, or near the mixtape previously mentioned. I tend to favor the one near the markers cuz it works better for routing a quick finish. Get close, adjust your focus, and snap the picture.

7 Birds

I find that this one is easiest when you get a good vantage point from the same area you shoot the post card from. Stand a bit to the left while looking out toward the ocean to see all seven feathered friends.

The Mountain Mauao

This one is super simple, provided you know which lump on the horizon is Mauao. Look out toward the right side of the ocean vista and snap the biggest rock you see. That one is Mauao. You may even get this one by accident shooting other photos.

2 Boombox

Lining this one up can be tricky sometimes. I usually just shoot toward the quarter pipe on the high ground, but you can get it on the lower sections of the map as well.

Film Canister Locations

Mauao View is divided into three sections, Upper and Lower. The Upper area is where you start. The Lower area is the construction zone get goes along the perimeter of the Upper area.

Upper Section

Canister 1
Right over the railing directly across from where you start.

Canister 2
Mixed among the art supplies behind your friends.

Canister 3
Next to the graffiti’d wall near the stairs leading to the Lower section.

Canister 4
This one can be a little tricky. If you wiggle around the fence near the large graffiti’d wall, you’ll find a plank that leads to the backside of said wall. It’s sitting right next to the large paint can.

Canister 5
Following the planks from Canister 4 upwards will take you to a set of beams overlooking the stage. You’ll find this canister of the wall opposite where you climbed up.

Canister 6
Resting atop the lip of a quarter pipe near the previous canister.

After collecting these 6, follow the stairs down to find the remaining 3.

Lower Section

Canister 7
Next to the boombox immediately to your right as you come down from the stairs.

Canister 8
Mixed in with the paint supplies after rounding the first corner leading to the back.

Canister 9
At the end of the Lower section, sitting atop the lip of a quarter pipe.

And with that, you’ve found all the film canisters!

Bonus Objective Tips
Recreate the Postcard

Recreating the postcard may seem like a confusing task at first, but the developers put in a very useful tell to help you figure out where to take the shot. You can always get the shot by standing in the spot with glowing green rings. When you stand there, a green camera icon will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. Whip out your camera and start scanning the environment for areas that look like the postcard.

For Mauao View, you can find this spot on top of the shed behind the fences near the area you start.

If you can partially cover up the graffiti on the far wall, you’re almost guaranteed to complete the bonus objective!

You don’t need to worry about matching the photo effects they used, just getting the shot lined up is enough to mark it off your list.

Photo of your Friends

Without later lenses, this one can be a bit tricky. I found success by backing up on the broken section of fence and tilting the camera using Q/E.

Yes, the penguin counts as a friend, don’t exclude him.

Earn $130

You won’t get anywhere close to this value just by doing the photo bounties. My advice is to try and jam as many items, characters, and colors in the photo as possible. You can get anywhere between $5-7/photo doing this. Also, make sure to leave some film canisters around in case you happen to get low on film. I try to pick one up every couple pictures to ensure I have enough to make it to the end. In taking the photos for this guide, I got to $125, so don’t be surprised if you end up spending a lot of time getting to this number.

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