TWINKLE STAR SPRITES: How to Get “All endings” Achievement

Due to a bug, even if you see the endings of all characters in the character mode, the “All endings” achievement can’t be unlocked at present. Because the game doesn’t recognized the fact that it’s cleared using Mevious.
Therefore, this guide explains how to edit an internal file to force the game record the thing.


You need to clear the character mode at least once with other character except for Mevious in advance. Also it’s better to backup the file before edit just in case.

Edit XML File
  1. Open the following file with text editor such as Notepad.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\*********\366280\remote\UserDefault.xml
  2. Look for any one of rows written as below, and choose one.

    # is the same number from 1 to 13 except for 12, and stands for each character.

  3. Change the numbers in the row to 12, and then save the file. Remember the original number.
Play and Make Game Record Clear Data
Clear the game again using the character that corresponds with the original number.

1 Load Ran
2 Macky & Pentell
3 Arthur Schmitt
4 Yan Yanyung
5 Griffon
6 Realy Till
7 Tinker & Linker
8 Nanja Monja
9 Kim
10 Sprites
11 Dark Ran
13 Memory

If you have cleared with all of the 12 characters except for Mevious already, the achievement will be unlocked at this point. Otherwise you just have to clear the game with the characters which you haven’t done.

I can never say this is a desirable way since it needs an operation out of the game, but it’s been 4 years since the game was released, and the developers don’t seem that they are going to fix this bug, so there is no other way. However, it would be far wholesome than using SAM. Thank you for reading.

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