Tower Unite: “Play Me A Tune, Piano Man” Achievement Guide

This simple guide is for those having difficulties achieving the “Play Me A Tune, Piano Man” achievement.



Planetary Piano can be found in the Arcade located in the Main Plaza Square.

The Planetary Piano arcade machine located on the second floor of the Arcade:


Planetary Piano will cost you 8 arcade tokens to play 1 game. ” Game tokens are bought in stacks of 25 at machines around the Arcade, and cost 10 Units per token.” – (Tickets and Game Tokens, Tower Unite Wiki.)

Planetary Piano Game Conditions:
“You have 2 seconds to press your first note, and each time you press a note, one second will be added to your timer (max timer length is 2 seconds). If you don’t press a key before the timer runs out or miss a note, you’ll lose.” – (Planetary Piano, Tower Unite Wiki.)

The aim of this guide is to successfully get the “Play Me A Tune, Piano Man” achievement.

Firstly, I would recommend going into your game settings and changing the Arcade keybinds from the defaults to: Numpad 7, Numpad 8, Numpad 9, Numpad Plus.

This is the binding configuration I used to get the achievement, using one hand. If you don’t feel comfortable with it or do not have a Num pad, try using 1,2,3,4 or 1,3,5,7 depending on whether you want to use one or two hands. Alternatively, experiment with different bindings, whatever works best for you.

Planetary Piano has 4 lanes. I would strongly recommend aligning your used key binds with these lanes as it will help to not confuse your brain and fingers.

Planetary Piano lanes:

Achievements for Planetary Piano:

As shown in “Achievements for Planetary Piano” image, it took me around 4,000 clicks in order to successfully acquire this achievement. This gained me 10,000 Units for the “Play Me A Tune, Piano Man” achievement, plus 1,500 credits for the “Modern Beethoven” achievement shortly after. Totalling to 11,500 Units.

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