Tower Tactics Liberation: Easy OP Strategy for Every Deck

Want to get OP with every deck in the game? Complete achievements? Get this guide with simple way to win every battle in seconds!


Start of the game

So basicaly you can start any deck and pick any trinket you want to make some proggresion in the game. For this strategy range upgrades would be realy helpful. Like this pretty common thing:

In first battles you can deffend your base with any deck. For now you want to:
1. Gain nice crystals flow, for buying main stuff, deleting useless carts and duplicating usefull
2. Almost every time better to not pick many reward carts (exept needed carts below in the guide), so you won`t need to delete a whole bunch of carts for 50 crystals each

Main part

When you will enter shops, search for one of those trinkets:

These things allow you to use all power of spells, duplicating effects from last spell with this bad boy:

And now you can choose what exacly you want to break with tons of magic power. Spawn load of random towers? Here you go:

There is also weaker “1st lvl” of this spell, with 3 mana cost and 1 random tower, but it won`t work so well. Also there is spell, wich spawns tower and gaining shields – that`s also work, but worse.

Want to make all waves super weak? This spell will help:

Dispel spell carts will also work with arcane resonators, and it works pretty good.

But the best, most OP and completly broken is this piece:

30 shields is just 6 spells, wich casting by 1-2 waves of mobs, by second tier arcane resonator. Redusing starting mana cost and increasing mana pool/regen will make this strategy even faster, tower range also will help a lot.
For late game with many trinkets you can leave in the deck only few resonators and few spells to have everything you need in starting hand. And now you can win every round in seconds =)

probably will be fixed, but for now enjoy easy game

Thanks to Легушка for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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