This is for those who don’t have a controller like me

And actually, after trying the game, I really think I should go buy a controller instead.
Unless you’re too lazy to go get one or you want to stay as a keyboard warrior.

The developer said they will implement key bindings in the coming patch.
It’s still 5 September 2020 here right now (3 days after release).

So until the patch comes and you’re confused where the hell is each button on your keyboard and what the hell does it do.
Here you go :

I’m going with the Original Custom type.
Also I’m not familiar with controller buttons’ name, but I listed them in order with the one in the in-game settings.

Movement = ← ↑ ↓ → (arrow keys)

(Controller buttons = Keyboard keys)

・ X (shot) = X
・ Y (melee) = C
・ B (guard) = V
・ A (slide) = *while moving* Z, Z hold (dash)
・ L (change lock-on) = Q
・ R (trigger) = A
・ LT (up) = S
・ RT (down) = D
・ L stick push (lock-on target in front) = E
・ R stick push (unlock/front camera) = W
・ Select (change command) = SPACE
・ R stick forward (spell card) = A+X [trigger+shot]
・ R stick left (climax spell card) = A+Z [trigger+slide]
・ R stick right (high spirit spell card) = A+C [trigger+melee]
・ R stick backward (extra spell card) = A+V [trigger+guard]

By ☣ Nazw ☣


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