Total War ROME REMASTERED: How to Transfer saves from Original to Remastered (Step-by-step Tutorial)

A short and simple guide for transferring saves from the orignal Rome:Total War to the remastered version. (Windows 10). Note:¬†Replays cannot be transferred as trying to load an old replay in Remastered will instantly crash the game.     Finding and Copying the Original save Let’s get started, you’ll first want to navigate to your … Read more

Total War ROME REMASTERED: Basic Campaign Strategy For All Factions

A brief overview of the general strategy/opening moves to aim towards for all playable factions. While avoiding the step-by-step breakdown of every possible move, it does point out general targets and common issues you are likely to encounter.   Part 1: Julii, Brutii, Scipii, Macedonia, Greek Cities, Egypt Julii: One of the easiest factions to … Read more

Total War ROME REMASTERED: How to Win Alexander’s Battles on Very Hard Difficulty

Here is a full guide on¬†how to decisively win all the Alexander’s battles on very hard – as well as killing the enemy generals and achieving heroic (or at least “clear”) victories.   Chaeronea This battle is ridiculous – not because it is difficult to win and can take even up to 50 attempts, but … Read more

Total War ROME REMASTERED: How to Extract Music (Step-by-step Tutorial)

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to extract music in Total War ROME REMASTERED game.   Step 1 Step 1: Download IDX Extractor Tool For the music extract to work, you must have the IDX extractor tool which will extract the music. The download can be found here: Step 2 Step 2: Create … Read more

Total War ROME REMASTERED: Maintaining Public Order (When to occupy, Enslave or Exterminate a Settlement)

This concise yet thorough guide will get you through the obstacle of maintaining public order. My aim in writing it is to inform you on how public order works, what reduces it and what you can do to improve it. I intend to help you in choosing when to occupy, enslave or exterminate a settlement, … Read more