Torchlight Infinite: How to Configure Your XBOX Controller Manually

Quick guide for anyone wanting to fix issues and/or manually configure their XBOX controller in Torchlight Infinite



With the release of season 2, Torchlight Infinite received controller support, however, this feature has been experiencing several configuration issues in the early days.

This guide quickly explains how to manually edit/configure the keys/buttons directly in the game’s configuration file.

Input.ini file location

The input.ini file stores the mapping of keys/buttons for the main functions ingame (but not all). Before modifying it, make a safe copy/backup of the file.

Location (PC/Windows)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Torchlight Infinite\UE_game\TorchLight\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

Ingame options / Action Names

Action: Interaction with NPCs, stash, access portals, etc. (Default: F)
Auction: Trade House
BackToCity: Teleport to Hideout
Character: Character Stats window
Chat: Ingame chat
CloseAll: Close all windows
Crouch: I don't know
Draw: Boon window
GamePadSimClick: Left Mouse Button Click
Help: Help window
Item: Inventory/Bag
Jog: I don't know
Jump: I don't know (skip scenes, maybe?)
Map: Overlay map
Move (Down/up/left/right): Character movement directions
Pet: Pact System window
Pick Item: Pick Item
PointMove: Click responsible for moving the character (Default: LMB)
Prone: I don't know
Property: Hero Trait window
SeasonBook: Season Pass window
SeasonPlay: Season Mechanic (i.e Start Dark Surge)
SettingOrClose: Close all windows or open Settings (Default: ESC)
Shop: Shop
Skill: Skills window
Skill 0-4: Skills slots
Skill5: Hero Special Skill (i.e Gemma's FrostFire Rampage)
Skin: Outfit window
StrangeHandbook: I don't know (Codex, maybe?)
Talent: Talent tree window
ZoomIn: Zoom In
ZoomOut: Zoom Out[/code]


Gamepad Keys (key=)

Gamepad_LeftThumbstick (Left Thumb click)
Gamepad_RightThumbstick (Right Thumb click)
Gamepad_Special_Left (Select)
Gamepad_Special_Right (Start)
Gamepad_FaceButton_Bottom (A)
Gamepad_FaceButton_Right (B)
Gamepad_FaceButton_Left (X)
Gamepad_FaceButton_Top (Y)
Gamepad_LeftShoulder (Left Shoulder)
Gamepad_RightShoulder (Right Shoulder)
Gamepad_LeftTrigger (Left Trigger)
Gamepad_RightTrigger (Right Trigger)
Gamepad_DPad_Up (DPad Up)
Gamepad_DPad_Down (DPad Down)
Gamepad_DPad_Right (DPad Right)
Gamepad_DPad_Left (DPad Left)

How to bind keys

You need to edit the key= tag within the command lines. Just make sure you choose the correct option in the ActionName tag (See previous list).

To add a control button to an option that doesn’t already exist, just duplicate the command line (copy/paste). However, do not delete the command line linked to the keyboard keys, otherwise only the controller button will perform that action.

For example, assuming you want to open the map overlay with the top button on the control (↑ / DPad Up), you would first look for the corresponding command line:


Duplicate this command line and edit the key= tag with the Gamepad_DPad_Up command:


The expected result will be this inside the file:

So, both the Tab key and the DPad Up button will enable/disable the map overlay.

Can I be banned?

I don’t know. There have already been cases where the developer has banned players for using third-party software. The game itself prevents the use of any external programs while playing.

However, there is no cheating or illicit benefit in the process of this guide. Not even use of any external software is needed (just the notepad). It’s a simple key mapping process. Do it on your own! The risk is yours!

Thanks to jmpessanha for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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