To The Rescue!: Tips & Tricks

Bunch of useful information that will help you take care of your shelter more efficiently.


Adoption process

A stranger walked into your shelter and wants to adopt a dog. What should you keep in mind?

1. Every customer has a certain level of willingness that is assigned to them, making them easy or hard to persuade. You won’t know how willing is the person until you will go through the whole adoption process. With that in mind, I recommend to choose dogs that have a hefty amount of stars & those who match the description providen by the customer. If they want cropped ears, get a dog with cropped ears.

2. It is recommended to get your skills ready for those who are not very convinced of adoption. Making them play with the dogs by the cost of some time can greatly increase the willingness, thus making you part with one of the dogs. There is also option to persuade, which will reduce your reputation, but increase the willingness. You can also emphasise a trait for one dog – you can select the dog using left and right key.

How to increase stars in dogs?
1. The most important part is – VACCINATION. I know, it may be a little bit pricey at the start, but boy do I recommend it. Not only it will make diseases non existent in your shelter, if you vaccinate a dog with all 4 vaccinations, they’ll get one bonus star enabled. You need to keep care of the dog to let it be full though.

2. Take care of the dog’s needs. If you press inspect a dog, you can see every need. It’s important to keep the needs as high as you can – if not, you can get one star dirty dog from four star dog.

3. Make the dogs happy! You can do it by creating playgrounds and outdoor kennels. You need to invest some skill points in that first though. How to play with dog when you have already created playground? You need to unleash the dog first (clicking RMB) and then equip the ball that is laying on the ground, and click with it on the dog. If you manage to make bar full, the dog happiness will be bigger, filling a star.

Important tips for the game

1. By holding SHIFT while buying items at Riberta’s Pet Emporium you can by one click buy 10 of the items you want to buy.

2. When finishing the adoption process, click on the show kennels with the ribbon you previously used to make dog come to the show kennel. It will automatically teleport dogs to their assigned kennels, so you don’t have to run around and waste time with making sure that the dogs are where they should be.

3. When bathing a dog, if you leave the bathtub with the dog in it while you’re washing them, the bar will automatically finish with the speed you left it with. – you don’t have to unlock the automatic scrubber in order to do that. It’s a bug.

4. At the start of the game, you can leash up to two dogs using your starter leash. Just select the other dog and click it using LMB while holding shift!

5. At Riberta’s Pet Emporium, you can buy additional leash and pockets, making you be able to carry more things at the same time and leash more dogs! If you struggle with your low equipment or you want to leash more dogs, go ahead and buy the upgrades. Additional ones can be bought using your skill points.

6. In building mode, you can rotate kennels, doors and other things using E & Q.

Thanks to robak for his great tips and tricks, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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