Thief Simulator 2: Easter Eggs, Hidden Items, Parcel Codes

In this guide, I’ll tell you where to find the different items for the achievements to get all the easter eggs, all hidden items and all parcel codes.



Welcome to this guide,

In this guide, you’ll find the locations of where to find the parcel notes, easter egg photos, and the hidden items. On my own website, I’ve posted the guide including pictures, to make it even easier to find them.

You can find the guide with screenshots here:

Fun fact: Bonus game on the loading screen

Did you know that the loading screen with a grid of blocks is a bonus game?

You get money if you click the blocks that aren’t the police symbol. It is not a lot of money but I thought I should add it to this guide as a fun fact ^^

Easter Eggs

1. the first one can be found in your own base, by the laptop that will help you hack devices in the future.
2. In home 107 at the ground level in a white/glass closed.
3. In the police station, close to your cell, in the area with the camera.
4. In the last heist on the ground level, at the back of the bank, close to the stairs to the big safe.
5. In house 202, on the second floor in a white dresser. (Thank you Otter)

Hidden items

1. In the bus stop around house number 113.
2. In jail, to the left from your cell, under the stairs.
3. In the Pawnshop in the first neighborhood. Against the wall, by some boxes.
4. At the fountain around 207.
5.By the parcel lockers in the second neighborhood, behind the pawnshop.
6.At the fountain near 103 next to a stone wall. (Thank you Onk3lFlund3r)
7. By the fountain left of 206. (Thank you Onk3lFlund3r)
8. In the backyard of 206, behind the statue. (Thank you Onk3lFlund3r)
9. In the backyard of 201, next to a bench at the side of the house. (Thank you Onk3lFlund3r)
10. On the playground around 102/104, near the fence. (Thank you Onk3lFlund3r)
11. Near 114, if you circle around the property, there’s a bit with stairs and it’s down the stairs in the bin next to the bench there. (Thank you Rysup)

Parcel Codes Locations

You have to find the notes yourself, and you have to go to the parcel depot in the right neighborhood to claim the parcels. You can find the codes you found but haven’t used on your phone in-game.

There are more than 10 parcel codes, but I’m already glad I was able to write 10 down.

1. You can find a parcel code in your cell in jail. (42318)
2. By the entrance of 110. (24252)
3. Chest behind house 2A in first heist (Forestside Resort). (99517)
4. In the kitchen in house 106. (77611)
5. In house 201, in the same closet as the safe where the watch is. (69999)
6. In a security booth in the second neighborhood, close to house 207 (53453)
7. At the park between 201 and 202. (68611)
8. In 202 at the ground level in a dresser is a parcel code (49637)
9. In 205 in the dining room, on a closet in the corner (54145) (Thanks Hendrik)
10. In the park across 114 on a bench. (59444) (Thanks Richard Siegers)

There is probably one in 114 in the hallway close to the garage, but I already used the code so the note is gone before I could double-check if this is correct. (Thanks Hendrik for pointing this one out and for helping me search for it later on).

Thanks to missiloon for his excellent guide; all credit belongs to his effort. If this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. Enjoy the game.

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