The Wailer: 100% Achievements Guide

In this guide I will tell you exactly how to get 100% achievements in The Wailer.




This guide will be fairly simple as there are not many achievements in The Wailer, but every game needs an achievement guide right?

Anyways, each achievement will follow this format:

Achievement Name

Developer Description

My Description

Now Let’s get started!

Story Related

Engraved and Explored

Decrypt the Rune Shufflers

Story related, cannot be missed.

Complete the moving block puzzle during stage one. The symbols you need to set the blocks to can be found later in the guide, check the sidebar if you want to skip to it.

Lost and Forgotten

Complete Stage 1

Story related, cannot be missed.

Reach the end of stage one and interact with the brazier.

Planned and Executed

Reunite the Shards of the Manipulated

Story related, cannot be missed.

Gather the four shards scattered throughout the maze. After gathering all four, insert all four into the door at the end of the maze.

Risen and Reborn

Complete Stage 2

Story related, cannot be missed.

Reach the end of stage two and interact with the brazier.

Unbound and Unburdened

Complete Stage 3

Story related, cannot be missed.

Reach the end of stage three and… well you’ll see for yourself.


Trapped and Tormented

Rekindle the Warden’s Flame

Die and resurrect.

You can die from the monster or by falling into a hole.

However, be aware, you will lose all progress since you last interacted with a brazier.

[Spoilers Ahead] Rune Shufflers Puzzle

The correct combination for the blocks, clockwise around the column from where you enter the room, is as follows:

Thanks to Warlord for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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