The Symbiant Walkthrough (100% Achievements, Endings, and CGs)

Here is a unofficial walkthrough to get all achievements, endings and CGs in The Symbiant.


Intro and Disclaimer

Before we get into this, as always, I am not the devs and these are not perfect answers. There is an official guide with more “correct” answers, and these devs in particular go above and beyond with their official guides, giving you reasoning behind the choices to understand why something is “right” or not. You won’t get that level of care in this guide. This will work for the intents and purposes of getting you the endings and achievements, of course, and has been thoroughly tested to make sure of that, but I am specifically leaving it imperfect to still incentivise players to buy the guide if they’re able to.

If you have the means to support them further, I strongly recommend that if you used this guide, you buy their strategy guide dlc on the official steam store found here:


Thank you for understanding. If you cannot afford it right now, or you’d like to try out some of the endings before you buy, keep on reading this unofficial guide.


  • There is a free adult 18+ patch. If you’re over 18, and you’re up for a little more, the patch adds fully-voiced CG scenes, and you can download from the steam store as DLC. There’ll be a “how-to” section below, but a way to easily see if it is installed or not is if the start screen changes, similar to DUFE. Just look out for the tentacles.
  • I will be using the 18+ version to make this guide, so it will cover the additional content. Where possible, I will tell you when the CG unlocked is 18+, so that users playing without it don’t panic.
  • The game is fully voiced. Whilst it’s recommended to keep all the voices on, if you need to then you can mute individuals, much like in the Divine Speaker. If there’s a character you really can’t stand listening to (hopefully you like them all anyway!), consider changing things in the options menu before you mute the game entirely.
  • There are 4 endings in the game – 3 of which are various levels of bad (that I’ve dubbed the “bad cluster” in this guide). I personally recommend playing the game once through yourself and trying to get the “Good” ending before you come to this guide, and still checking out the rest of the bad cluster when you’ve got the ending you want. Please don’t mistake them as “Failure” endings, because they are still complete ends that are well worth your attention.
  • You can save on choices with right click, or mouse-wheel back to repeat choices. Standard otome controls, but worth knowing this one also gives you that freedom so you don’t have to save like a paranoid maniac.
  • Some of the choices in the Walkthroughs below do not actually matter for that route, but I will be clicking them for variation, and are really just for you to unlock missable achievements (and unseen dialogue) in a non-boring way as you follow this guide. I tried to keep them canonical; for example I chose the “best” received personal preference achievement options (that didn’t actually matter to the route if you wanted to click something else) during the “good” ending.
  • Missing an achievement but not sure where or what it is? A fully annotated achievement list is at the bottom of this guide, numbered for quick-searching the guide to the relevant section.

“Happy Ever After” Ending

This can be considered the “good” ending – Happy Ever After. This gives you all the CGs on pages 1 and 2, the first two on page 3, the bottom three on page 4, and all but the last one on page 5 (the very last cg is unlocked when you unlock the rest).

This route specifically will unlock: “An Honorable Gentleman”, “Make Him Blush”, “Plunge into the Unknown”, “Where no Terran has gone before”, “No one wants your sheep”, “Shades of Purple”, “Pillow Talk”, “Always up for a Cuppa”, “A far off place”, “They come in pairs”, “You’re the one for me”, “Just Kidding”, “Close Encounter”, “You’re a Nosy one, aren’t you?”, “What About Love”, “A Place in Tulrorth” and “Happy Ever After”.

  • Ask how he’s doing
  • Exhaust the Dialogue options
  • Marshmallow Root
  • Close the vent – (This is preference. I answered in character, but there are no ramifications to either answer, other than an achievement unlock variation.)
  • Yes
  • Compliment Him
  • Exhaust the Dialogue options
  • Step away from Oatith
  • Exhaust Juniper’s dialogue options

“Not the Worst Way to Go” Ending

This gets you missing CG #3 (18+) on page 3, and CGs #1 and #2 on page 4.

This route specifically will unlock “Bad Timing”, “No Can Do” and “Not the Worst Way to Go”.

  • Offer him a tour
  • For this entire route, I asked as few questions as I could, but I doubt it matters if you’d like to ask them.
  • Camomille
  • Leave the vent open
  • Yes
  • Kiss Him
  • Stay around Oatith some more
  • Decline the offer

You may like to load your save from “Boys Do Cry” here, or save now and use this load point in that route. This is the only load point in the guide.

  • Let Brahve put an end to his symbiant on his own

“Boys Do Cry” Ending

This route is the exact same as the “Not the Worst Way to Go”, only you face the Derata together instead of letting Brahve handle it alone. It unlocks CG #3 on page 4.

This route specifically will unlock “Bad Timing”, “No Can Do”, “Trust your intuition”, “Do What Must be Done” and “Boys Do Cry”.

  • Offer him a tour
  • For this entire route, I asked as few questions as I could, but I doubt it matters if you’d like to ask them.
  • Camomille
  • Leave the vent open
  • Yes
  • Kiss Him
  • Stay around Oatith some more
  • Decline the offer

You may like to load your save from “Not the Worst Way to Go” here, or save now and use this load point in that route. This is the only load point in the guide.

  • Get rid of the derata together

“Blast from the Past” Ending

This is similar to the two routes above, only you deviate a little earlier than the very last choice, and instead tell Brahve that you’ll think about helping him with his plan to trick Oatith. I am adding a trigger warning for this route in particular, but I feel the devs approach the subject in a respectable way – just be careful with your limits for this one. (I’ve also changed some options in this route in particular, so that you unlock missable achievements, but you can use the same save as the other routes in this cluster if you have a save, and aren’t bothered about achievements.)

This route specifically will unlock “Smells just like soap!”, “Show Off”, “Goodbye, Comfort Zone”, “Pardon my French”, “Cold as Stone”, “L Bomb” and “Blast from the Past”.

  • Ask how he’s doing
  • For this entire route, I asked as few questions as I could, but I doubt it matters if you’d like to ask them.
  • Lavender
  • Leave the vent open
  • Yes
  • Wink at Him –
  • Stay around Oatith some more
  • Tell him that you’ll think about it

Common Route (Unmissable Achievements)

These achievements are earnable on the common route (the main route before your choices have started to matter), and will appear/unlock in every playthrough:

  • ”Fire up the Engines!”, “More than meets the Eye”, “Ho before Bro”, “A Fortunate Accident”, “My Precious”, “Shades of Gray”, “What’s your Poison?”, “A Curious Fellow”, “Get Your Heart Pumping”, “Coach Brahve”, “An Intro into Mindfulness” and “Mr Doe”.

“Bad” Cluster (Unmissable Achievements)

These achievements are unmissable in what I’m nicknaming the “bad route cluster” for lack of a better term. It is simply where the “Happy End” breaks off from all the other endings, and therefore is still kind of the common route “but minus one of the possible endings” – :

  • ”Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire”, “Close Encounter”, “Tickle-Tickle!”, “Sister, I have Sinned”, “Regret Your Life”.

Missable Achievements

These achievements are missable, and not bound to one specific route:

  • Curious Terran – Fully exhaust the questions in your first meal with Brahve. “Something about X” until the story pushes you forward.
  • Smells like Soap – Offer Brahve Lavender tea.
  • You Dirty Dog!/An Honorable Gentleman – Close/Leave vent
  • Made Him Blush/Show Off/Bad Timing – How you great Brahve
  • Music Connoisseur – Visit the music room in the “extras” section of the main menu, and play each song.
  • Just So It Sinks In – Visit the Scene Replay section of the main menu, and play every scene.
  • Art Collector – Unlock all the CGs. This will unlock the final CG on the last page.
  • Alien Lover – Get all 4 endings.
  • Galaxy Brain – Unlock all the achievements in the Symbiant

This achievement is missable, and only achievable on the Happy Ever After route:

  • You’re a Nosy One, Aren’t you? – Fully exhaust all the questions in the game. This is carried out across the entire game, and cross-save slots, meaning you do not have to ask all the questions in one route. You must ask in total 6 questions as Danya, and 3 as Brahve. It is a specific route achievement, because you cannot play as Brahve if you are not on the “Happy Ever After” route, and therefore cannot ask the questions as him. You must ask all the questions, and never push on until the game physically makes you. It will not impact your route negatively to be nosy, as you are already safely on it, so ask away.

Adult content DLC – how to

Disclaimer: There is currently an issue with DLC. The devs are aware, and are fixing it. I’ll add screenshots as and when they do.

Checking if the DLC is installed is fairly standard.
-> First, make sure the dlc is “purchased” from the steam store, and installed
-> Go to your games library on steam
-> right mouse click the game in your list of games, or the game icon itself on recent games
-> Click “Properties”
-> When the “properties” text box pops up, click the last heading on the list on the left, under “DLC”
-> Check “The Symbiant – Adult Patch” is in the list, and is ticked.
-> Launch the Game
-> The adult version has tentacles on the start menu around Danya and Brahve
-> If it isn’t there, go to options and check that the tickbox in the top right is enabled.

Achievement Table

Here is a table of achievements, so you can check what you’re missing, and what route to find it in. Please note that some (For example, “Show Off” can be done in literally any route, but I will list it in the specific routes that I choose to unlock it in). This grid is basically what you’ll see if you click “See Global Achievements” on the achievements Steam Page, only comparable for you in the game itself.

Route Key (This is just the section of my guide you’ll find it in, not the definitive route needed):
HEA: “Happy Ever After” Ending
O: “Not The Worst Way to Go” Ending
CRY: “Boy’s Do Cry” Ending
BFP: “Blast from the Past” Ending
C: Common Route (Unmissable Achievements)
BC: “Bad” Cluster (Unmissable Achievements)
M: Missable Achievements

  • 1) Fire up the Engines! – C
  • 2) More than meets the eye – C
  • 3) Alien Lover – M
  • 4) Happy Ever After – HEA
  • 5) Blast From the Past – BFP
  • 6) Boys Do Cry – CRY
  • 7) Not the Worst Way to Go – O
  • 8) Curious Terran – M
  • 9) You’re a Nosy One, Aren’t You? – M (HEA-only)
  • 10) An Honorable Gentlemen – HEA
  • 11) You Dirty Dog! – CRY/O/BFP
  • 12) L Bomb – BFP
  • 13) Show Off -BFP
  • 14) Bad Timing – CRY/O
  • 15) Make Him Blush – HEA
  • 16) Ho before Bro – C
  • 17) Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire – BC
  • 18) Close Encounter – HEA
  • 19) Plunge into the unknown – HEA
  • 20) Where no Terran Has Gone Before – HEA
  • 21) A Fortune Accident – C
  • 22) My Precious – C
  • 23) Shades of Gray – C
  • 24) No One Wants Your Sheep – HEA
  • 25) What’s Your Poison? – C
  • 26) A Curious Fellow – C
  • 27) Tickle-Tickle – BC
  • 28) Smells Just Like Soap – BFP
  • 29) What About Love – HEA
  • 30) Shades of Purple – HEA
  • 31) Pillow Talk – HEA
  • 32) An Intro to Mindfulness – C
  • 33) Get Your Heart Pumping – C
  • 34) Coach Brahve – C
  • 35) Sister, I Have Sinned – BC
  • 36) Pardon My French – BFP
  • 37) As Cold As Stone – BFP
  • 38) Trust Your Intuition – CRY
  • 39) Do What Must Be Done – CRY
  • 40) Always up for a Cuppa – HEA
  • 41) Regret Your Life – BC
  • 42) Goodbye, Comfort Zone – BFP
  • 43) No Can Do – CRY/O
  • 44) A Far Off Place – HEA
  • 45) They Come in Pairs – HEA
  • 46) You’re The One For Me – HEA
  • 47) Just Kidding – HEA
  • 48) Close Encounter – HEA
  • 49) Mr Doe – C
  • 50) A Place on Tulrorth – HEA
  • 51) Music Connoisseur – M
  • 52) Art Collector – M
  • 53) Just So It Sinks In – M
  • 54) Galaxy Brain – M

Thanks to Buttfart Princesspants VIII for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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