The Price Of Flesh: Acolyte of Decay Achievement Guide (How to Survive the Mountains)

Tips for the Acolyte of Decay achievement by surviving the mountains as long as possible, or just in general. Spoiler Alert!!!   SACRIFICE Achievement đź’™ I am putting this at the top, with an image attached, to get your attention… đź’™ Because this achievement requires you erase all your game data. Not just your saves, but … Read more

The Price Of Flesh: “Lifestyles for the Rich and Imprisoned” Achievement Guide

In my opinion, the hardest to get achievement in Derek’s route. Also, is this meant to be a good ending? ‘Cuz it sure doesn’t feel like it…   Pre-Guide Tips ♡ I highly recommend this be the last ending you reach… at the VERY least, get the ending The machete was laid to rest, aka, the A … Read more

The Price Of Flesh: Celia Trigger Warning Guide

I’ve seen a couple of people ask about specific triggers and their placement in the game. So I decided to make a guide to help them out. Spoiler Alert!!! Listed here: Alcohol, suffocation, hanging, amputation/body modification, electrocution, poison/drugging, hallucinations, forced feeding, forced nudity. Not listed due to frequency or unavoidability: Violence with guns, knives, garottes(wire), and whips. … Read more