The Pale Beyond: Scouting Guide (Map & Tips)

A Detailed guide of the games scouting locations.


First Scouting Map.

This is the first scouting map (available from week 4)

Second Scouting Map

This is the scouting map available from when you move to your second camp on the ice.

Third Scouting Map.

This map is available after you lock down for the Winter (week 21)

Scouting Tips.

Grab both Climbing Tools and Guns from the Temperance, as these will make scouting and hunting much more effective.

When Hunting/researching keep in mind that nodes disappear after sending a party to them, regardless of the size. Therefore, try to send out the max number of people to the following nodes:

Research (3 Scientists max) (Gives 1 Research and 3 Decorum each)
Elephant Seals (2 crew max) (Each seal gives 18 Hoosh OR 15 Fuel and cure random crew of freezing)
Leopard Seals (2 crew max) (Each seal gives 24 Hoosh and cure one random crew of demoralized OR 16 Fuel)
Emperor Penguins (4 crew max) (Each Penguin gives 9 Hoosh OR 6 Fuel)

Also this should go without saying but prioritize getting to the above nodes when scouting as well.

Finally, don’t be afraid to send one or two crew to the other types of nodes as well provided you have crew and dogs to spare. You will find some of them while scouting to the above locations anyway, and you won’t have time to scout and hunt each map fully each time anyway.

Closing Comments

If you look closely at the third map, you will notice it seems incomplete. When I explored it, the bottom left locations that is missing was scoutable, but when I explored it it was blank. As for the top right nodes that seem to be missing, they just didn’t show up as scoutable locations once I scouted the first top node. The bottom one is definitely a bug, while the top one is either a bug or just an oversight on the devs part. Either way, this isn’t too much of an issue, since you really only have 4 weeks to hunt during winter.

These maps have persisted through multiple playthroughs and I believe them to be accurate. However there is a small chance that it is randomized for each save file, thus rendering this guide useless. If you can confirm that your maps are different, please send me some screenshots and I will delete this guide.

Thanks to Stupendous Man for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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