The Mortuary Assistant: How to Find the Right Body

Finding the right body can be a little tricky when you don’t know which clues are real and which ones are tricks. This guide will help with that! [SPOILERS WITHIN]   To Start There will be spoilers in this guide, so if you want to experience the spooks unsullied, I recommend playing through 3 or … Read more

The Mortuary Assistant: Official Guide (Identifying Marks, Embalming, Demonic Mechanics, and Endings)

A mechanical guide for The Mortuary Assistant. It will cover topics such as Identifying Marks, Embalming, Demonic Mechanics, as well as the Endings.   IDENTIFYING MARKS You’ll be identifying any distinguishable marks on the bodies prior to embalming them. You can investigate the head, arms, legs, shoulders, and back of the body, even┬áturning certain parts … Read more