The Mortuary Assistant: How to Find the Right Body

Finding the right body can be a little tricky when you don’t know which clues are real and which ones are tricks. This guide will help with that! [SPOILERS WITHIN]


To Start

There will be spoilers in this guide, so if you want to experience the spooks unsullied, I recommend playing through 3 or so shifts on your own!

I’ve given each body a nickname since the names and ages are randomized every shift. There are 4 different bodies but you will only see 3 per shift.

The Smirker



DILF (He looks like our dad, right?)

This guide will be organizing clues into least to most reliable. It’s good to keep note of every clue and haunt, but some can largely be ignored and some are nearly a guarantee of the right body.

Least Reliable


Cuts Appearing on the Body
I find this usually happens as you become more possessed, and isn’t indicative of which body the demon is in.

The Body Moaning or Speaking on the Embalming Table

The Body Speaking After You Put the Mark on Its Chest
This is always just the Demon trying to confuse you. Fully disregard what it says and have confidence in the clues you’re relying on.

The Body Pointing
This is the start of a mini Haunt.

Apparitions Involving the Body You Are Embalming

The Body Contorting on the Embalming Table
While this may seem like a more damning piece of evidence, it is usually the precursor to a scripted haunt. You can see DILF practicing some yoga here.⬇

Somewhat Reliable

Apparitions Involving a Body You Are Not Currently Embalming
I feel like this one can clue you in to a potential right body, but a small portion of the time it is not the right body. I would usually go in with the ashes to get the house and cross-check that with my demon name to confirm.

Cold Storage Doors Slamming
One game I had two different doors slam, and one other time all doors slammed at once. Every game where only one door slammed ended up being the correct body so this one is very nearly a guarantee.

Bodies Pulled Out of Cold Storage
This clue has actually never led me astray, but I’m hesitant to put it in the Most Reliable section. I’ll pay attention to what people say, and after anther 50 bodies or so I might switch this if it is a consistently reliable tell for the Demon. In this example I was putting away The Smirker, and Karen popped out, indicating that she was the right body.⬇

Bone Cracking Sounds Coming from the Body
I usually hear these while looking at the chart over a body. It seems to usually be the right body, but I need more examples to be confident.

Most Reliable

Smiling Body
-This is a guaranteed sign of the possesed body. I usually only look for smiles once the jaw has been wired shut. Also, don’t be fooled by The Smirker. Below I’ve included his resting face versus an actual smile for reference.⬇
No Smile:
This is apparently very rare, if it’s not part of a haunt then you definitely have the right body.

Demon Mark
The recent update changed the mark so you will only see one per game, if at all. It can be trusted. I have screenshots to see it on Al and the DILF for skintone varity.⬇

Ashes Revealing the Same House as the Demons Name
If your demon name is correct then a matching house on a body is a guarantee that it is correct.

The House of the Demon Appearing in Your Sketch
If you have yet to narrow down your demon name, the house appearing in your sketch can help. It’s never a trick. In this example, I am possesed enough to reveal the House of Immolation.⬇

Thanks to Raptvre for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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  1. I have tried to debunk this probably 30 times but couldn’t. When the embalming report goes into the tip slot, you have your body


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