The Magical Land of Canada: Achievements guide 100%

Choices for completing this game. 2-3 mins for 100%



Achievements count – 10
Time to 100% – 2-3 min


Start the game and skip dialogues until the screen with 4 characters

At the Airport…
The second chapter begins.

Entered Canada
It’s real!?

Speak with Syrip 5 times, 1 time with Betsy, 1 time with Canadian Antler, 1 time with Beard Guy.

Unstable Syrup
You spoke to Mister Syrup too much.

Betsy Boss Enigma
You met Betsy Boss who claims she is not related to Betsy Ross in any way.

Canadian Antlers
You learned about Canadians and their antlers.

Continue skipping to get

Bonny catapulted a feral moose into the beyond.

Not this time!
Prevented Bach from throwing a penguin at you. Even though there are none around there was still a chance.

Bach Defeated
Witnessed Bach’s defeat but she claims she will return.

Chapter 2 Complete!
You got an airship!

Wait for the credits end to watch after credits scene and get your last achievement

After Credits Scene
Watched the After Credits scene.

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