The legend of Pamons Codes for May 2024

Enhance your adventure in The Legend of Pamons with the latest redeem codes! These codes provide valuable rewards to help you defend the world of Pamons from the evil dragon Nero. Below you’ll find all current gift codes and instructions on redeeming them.

We added a new code on May 27, 2024


The legend of Pamons Gift Codes

Make sure to redeem these codes promptly to take full advantage of the rewards they offer!

  • KGMZ5P (New!)
  • SVIP777
  • SVIP666
  • SVIP888
  • SVIP555

We will add more codes to this list later. Moreover, please check out the index page if you want other mobile codes.


How to Redeem Codes in The Legend of Pamons

Redeeming codes in The Legend of Pamons is simple. Follow these steps to claim your rewards:

  1. Open the Game: Launch The Legend of Pamons on your device.
  2. Go to Benefits: Tap the “Benefits” option in the game menu.
  3. Select CS Related: Select the “CS Related” option in the benefits menu.
  4. Enter Code: Enter one of the active redeem codes listed above and confirm.


Game Description

The Legend of Pamons is set in a vast world once governed by deities and ancient dragons. After the evil dragon Nero brought chaos and despair, he was sealed away by the gods and dragons. Now, as Nero begins to break free, you, the youngest and most outstanding warrior of the Howling Dragon Tribe, must rise to defend Pamons.

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