The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie – Exchange Shop Item Locations

There are a number of unique trades from the Exchange Shop that require items with limited availability in the game. This is a list of all of these items and where to find the required items to trade for them.


How to Read: Formatting and Exceptions

The format of this list is:
Exchange Shop Item Name (Stats of Item)
-Item Name 1 -> NPC Name – Shop Name, Area (Chapter First Seen)
-Item Name 2 -> NPC Name – Shop Name, Area (Chapter First Seen)
-Item Name 3 -> NPC Name – Shop Name, Area (Chapter First Seen)
-Item Name 4 -> NPC Name – Shop Name, Area (Chapter First Seen)

Items with no information are Exchange Shop items
I didn’t include what route these were for in the particular chapter.

Some have small notes about freebies you get for certain items during the game, I only remembered some of the Finale freebies later on so I can’t verify the amount feel free to leave a comment so I can fix if I got it wrong.

Exchange Shop List

Mishy Badge (STR +30, ACC +100%, Delay +3)
-Acerbic Tomato Shake -> Chroma – Chroma’s Juice Stall, Administrative District (Chapter 1)
NOTE: 20 Given for Free in the Finale
-Midnight Fizz -> Eric – Garante Jazz Bar, Entertainment District (Chapter 1)
-Vanilla Yubeshi -> Puck – P&R Company, East Street (Chapter 1)
-Cosmic Cluster Ice Cream -> Sophie – Sophie’s Ice Cream, Entertainment District (Chapter 1)

Mishette Badge (EP +75, ATS +30, Break Damage +30%)
-Imperial Tea -> Greg – Mimosa Cafe, Vainqueur Street (Chapter 2), Lyte – Restaurant Fortuna, Michelam Center (Chapter 4)
-Strawberry Crepe -> Corba – Corba’s Crepe Stall, Garnier District (Chapter 2), Tapper – Lakeside Beach Reception, Lakeside Beach (Finale)
-Prismatic Macarons -> Lepanto – Lepanto & Co., Vainqueur Street (Chapter 2)
-Foresta Soup -> Arendt – Foresta Tavern & Inn, Vesta Street (Chapter 2)

Pecky Badge (HP +2000)
-Hot Chili Pecky -> Gladys – Legion’s Foods, Central Square (Chapter 1)
-Melon Pecky -> Tucker – Tucker’s Vegetable Stall, East Street (Chapter 1)
-Salmon Pecky -> Marte – Marte’s Fish Stall, East Street (Chapter 1)
-Cheese Pecky -> Tallys – Tallys’ General Store, West Street (Chapter 1)

Kagemaru Badge(SPD +6)
-Vingt-Sept Hamburg Steak -> Hoisdorf – Vingt-Sept Cafe, Central Square (Chapter 1)
-Dragon Fried Rice -> Finn – Long Lao Tavern & Inn, East Street (Chapter 1)
-Ozelle’s Shio Ramen -> Ozelle – Ozelle’s Noodle Stand, Harbor District (Chapter 1)
-Independence Roll -> Oscar – Morges Bakery, West Street (Chapter 1)
NOTE: 3 Given for Free by taking to Oscar in Chapter 1, 8 more from Oscar in the Finale

Knight Mishy(STR +300, ACC +100%, Delay +5)
-Mishy Tail -> Southwark – Southwark General Store, Central Square (Chapter 1)
-Mishy Coin -> Cherry – Barca Casino, Entertainment District (Chapter 1)
-Mishy Badge
-Mishy Music Box -> Clerk – Rieveldt Company, Leica District (Chapter 2)

Queen Mishette(EP +1000, ATS +300, Break Damage +100%)
-Mishette Ribbon -> Imelda – Imelda’s Antique Shop, Entertainment District (Chapter 1)
-Mishette Tiara -> Lwe – San Corries Jewelers, Garnier District (Chapter 2)
-Mishette Badge
-Misshette Charm -> Adaman – Cendrillon, Michelam Center (Chapter 4)

King Mischneider(DEF +400, ADF +400, Item Drop Rate +100%)
-Mischneider Watch -> Chaco – Genten Orbal Store, Central Square (Chapter 1)
-Mischneider Goggles -> Baker – Baker’s Accessories, Central Square (Chapter 1)
-Mischneider Light -> Johannes – Lumiere Orbal Factory, Vainqueur Street (Chapter 2)
-Mischneider Badge -> MWL Staff – MWL Shop, MWL Entrance Plaza (Finale)

Grand Pecky Plushie(HP +25000)
-Pecky Badge
-Pecky Plushie -> Cherry – Barca Casino, Entertainment District (Chapter 1)
-Herb Pecky -> Flint – Flint’s Drugstore, Vainqueur Street (Chapter 2)
-Orange Pecky -> Rinoie – Weston House General Foods, Vainqueur Street (Chapter 2)

Kagemaru Coat(EVA +30%)
-Midnight Blue Gown -> Anachie – Colserica Boutique, Michelam Center (Chapter 4)
-Kagemaru Strap -> Roy – Business Owners’ Association, East Street (Chapter 1)
-Kagemaru Wallet -> Receptionist Lanfei – IBC Counter, Harbor District (Chapter 1)
-Kagemaru Badge

Kagemaru Sandals(MOV +1, SPD +30)
-Five-Dyed Woven Sandals -> Sharl – Sharl’s Supplies, Settlement Camp (Chapter 3)
-Kagemaru Sash -> Lio – Plover Goods & Souvenirs, Ymir (Chapter 1)
-Kagemaru Bookmark -> Natal – Alterna Bookstore, Vainqueur Street (Chapter 2)
-Kagemaru Hand Towel -> Fred – Herschel’s General Store, Vesta Street (Chapter 2)

Exchange Shop Advice

Most of these crafted items will be surpassed in the postgame by the craftable items available, specifically most accessories.

The most important items to stock up with multiples of are the Kagemaru Sandals, the only boots that come close to +30 Speed are the unique boots you get from your rank reward in the True Reverie Corridor. You do not return to the areas to buy the items needed for the Sandals after you visit them for the first time, unlike most other items in this list.

The other boots you find in the True Reverie Corridor have no speed, so otherwise you are stuck with Winged Stregas for +5 Speed from the Strega store in Crossbell.

Thanks to ThingsYDL for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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