The Kidnap: 100% Achievement Guide

Here’s a simple guide to get all the achievements in the game 🙂



Collect all patron cards

I’ve separatethe location of all the cards by the areas where you can find them.

Next to a classmate in the study room.

Next to the stairs to the second floor.

In the shoe shelf (the one by the wall)

Turn right after leaving the school, the card pack will be on the street phone.

The park

Behind the benches where backpacks are placed.

At the top of the slide (just climb up on it)

In the wood gazebo.

At the bus stop (you’ll end up there after locking the Stranger in the barn)


At the bus stop (you’ll end up there after locking the Stranger in the barn)

Сlimb up the stairs to the monument (it is close to the store)

Around the vending machines near the store entrance.


After goodbyes with two friends, take a look around the garbage area.

Conversationalist & Pop ’em All!

Talk to all classmates

No explanation is needed here. Just talk to each kid in the classroom and in the school hallway.

Pop all balloons

Once you throw the ball to the clown on the stairs, this challenge begins. You have to pop all ballons. That’s it. To speed up this process, I advise you to throw a spiked ball into the balloons.

Memopad & Attic

Read the memopad in kidnapper’s house

During your escape from the Stranger’s house, check out his room on the first floor and read the memopad.

Go to the attic

Once you take the battery – you’ll notice someone’s hand inviting you to the attic. Climb up and explore it.

Run to friend’s house (Boys)

Run to one of the boys’ house

After a successful escape from the Stranger’s house, pick one of the boys’ houses during the fork.

Run home & Bye

Return home during the chase

After successfully escaping from the Stranger’s house, choose the last option during the fork. Head along the street, and run into your house when you see it (it’s the last one).

Renya’s smile

Again choose the last option during the fork, but now run into the first house. Enjoy the true ending 🙂

Police here

Police at the kidnapper’s house

Accept staying with your sister at the Stranger’s house.

Thanks to iwannaheroin for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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