The Henry Stickmin Collection: How to Fix the Multiverse Imbalance

A quick guide for you to complete the game and get a secret achivement that is fixing the multiverse imbalance


About the Guide

basically here you get some easy steps to fix the Multiverse Imbalance
this will try to explain with a lot of detail and some images for examples
and you can finally finish the game!

Fails And Endings

lets assume you are new and dont have anything done
well to start this you must get every fail and ending

getting every fail from Breaking the bank to Completing the mission and same goes for endings
make sure in every part you get all fails and endings clear!

Multiverse Imbalance

Once you make sure you have everything clear (not only from completing the mission)
you must go to the final part of the route Rapidly Promoted Executive + Presumed Dead

like that you get a bunch of options

the final step is clicking the bunch of notes and if you got the fails and endings this will appear!


Like that you will get a cutscene with a special note from the creator and after a few seconds you will go to the start

with everything done you will recieve one special ach in the spot that a “Secret Ach” was

and like that you will complete the game (atleast if you got the other ach and bios)
if you are a big henry stickmin fan it will mean a lot

if you dont see the option

if you cant see the option it must be because you just got it just try a few times at it should appear soon! is just a small glitch but to clear confussion i will explain it here

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