The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope All Achievement Guide

HEAVY SPOILERS for the story and choices!
Detailed information on all achievements in Little Hope and how to obtain them. THIS GUIDE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS.


So Much Death
-So Much Death:
“Completed the prologue”

This achievement is story related and unmissable.

Survival Achievements
Coming soon!

-That Dream is Your Enemy:
“No-one survived”

Gamemode Achievements
-Full Circle:
“Completed the Solo Story”

For this achievement, complete the game in solo mode (Play Alone option on the main menu). Once you beat the game this way the achievement is yours.

-Coven of Witches:
“Finished Movie Night”

Movie night mode is a couch co-op gamemode for Little Hope that can be accessed through the main menu by the “Don’t Play Alone” option. You can do this with friends or by yourself if you wish, as it is just passing the pad between friends.

Trait Achievements
There are multiple ways to unlock each of the trait achievements. If you have trouble with any of them, they will most likely come naturally during one of your many playthroughs and there are more opportunities for each trait in co-op because of more dialogue choices.

-Compassionate Soul:
“Compassionate was one of top two traits for Andrew”

Coming soon!
-Amiable Character:
“Amiable was one of top two traits for Daniel”

I got this while in the museum playing as Daniel (the second time you visit the museum) and after finding Taylor and apologising for not being with her. More information may be added soon!

-Deeper Understanding:
“Understanding was one of top two traits for Angela”

Coming soon!

-Headstrong Heroine:
“Headstrong was one of top two traits for Taylor”

Coming soon!
-Rational Mind:
“Rational was one of top two traits for John”

Coming soon!

Relationship Achievements
Coming soon!

-Solid As a Rock:

-The Odd Couple:

-All Together Now:

Heart & Head Achievements
-Instinctive Reaction:
“Chose all of the Heart decisions”

-Considered Opinion:
“Chose all of the Head decisions”

Every dialogue option has either a heart or a brain (head) icon. Complete the game once with all Heart dialogue options only (no head) and then the same with head choices and no heart choices and the achievements will unlock across the playthroughs.

You don’t actually need to see all the dialogue options in the game for both, just all the ones in that playthrough must be one or the other.

If you have a dialogue option where you can’t have a head or heart then either choose the “Say nothing” option or wait for the time to run out!
Decisions also count and have Brain and Heart icons (E.g. ).

Secret (Collectible) Achievements

-Secrets Too Dark:
“Found all family secrets”

-Dirty Little Secrets:
“Found all witchcraft secrets”

Secrets come in the form of various interactable notes, books, Newspapers etc. Make sure to flip and looks at both sides and all pages of various items. You can check your secret progress from the character and collections page.

Chapter select can be used to obtain any missing collectibles. Just always select “New save” and don’t overwrite. Collectibles save as soon as found so you don’t need to finish the chapter either.

There are a total of 50 collectibles in two categories: Family and Witchcraft.

A video guide will be added as soon as possible.

Picture collectible achievements
Please note that these collectibles can be highly missable so I would recommend following a video walkthrough with lots of detail. I will link some where appropriate.

Chapter select can be used to obtain any missing pictures, always choose “New save” and don’t overwrite. Collectibles are saved as soon as picked up.
In Little Hope the pictures take the form of small postcards that need to be flipped over.

Example of layout:

  • Name of painting (Chapter it is found) Description.


-Glimmer of Hope:
“Find all of the white framed Pictures”

  • Deadly Omen (No Escape) After the characters learn about the fog go through the chained fence where Daniel and Angela came from. It is in the back of the truck.
  • Mercy (Off Track) Found outside the Police Department building on a green barrel.
  • Ritual Blade (Another Way) Found in a room on a shelf in the store after the playground. You might need to enter by climbing the stairs outside.

-Deathly Visions:
“Find all of the black framed Pictures”

  • Familiars (Playing Tricks) Outside of the bar near the vistor map on a bench.
  • Human Sacrifice (Confrontation) After meeting Mary for the first time it is on a green barrel between a car and a building off the road.
  • Like A Stone (Another Way) After exploring the playground it is on a bench on the other side.

-A Complete Picture:
“Found all Pictures”

Find all of the Black and White framed pictures as well as the golden picture for the achievement.

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