The Dark Pictures Anthology House of Ashes: 100% Achievement Guide

Here is a full guide on how to get all achievements in The Dark Pictures Anthology House of Ashes.


  1. This guide is spoiler heavily for the story and choices. read with caution.
  2. If you are looking for a specific achievement you can search the guide using ‘Ctrl + F’
  3. The guide is created by ThePugHybrid and it is a current work in progress (WIP). we will update more content later.



Gamemode Achievements

-There Is Always Hope:
“Completed the Solo Story”This achievement is rewarded for completing a full playthrough of the singleplayer version of the story from the main menu.

-We Are Not Alone:
“Finished the prologue in Movie Night”

This time around you don’t need to play a full playthrough of Movie Night like you did in ‘Man of Medan’ and ‘Little Hope’. Just play through the prologue. Movie Night is a gamemode under “Don’t Play Alone” – don’t worry you can still do this solo!

Picture Frame Collectibles

-Casualties of War:
“Found all of the Black Framed Pictures”Awarded for collecting all six Black Framed Pictures. MORE INFO SOON!

Text list:

  • Chapter: ‘Cursed (Prologue)‘ – “Arisen“, in the room with the circular pit.
  • Chapter: ‘Pazuzu‘ – “Fallen“, found down the right hand tunnel while playing as Eric.
  • Chapter: ‘Bloodbath‘ – “Tripwire“, found in the same circular room from the prologue.
  • Chapter: ‘The Signal‘ – “Thirst“, found immediately after gaining control of Nick.

“Found all of the White Framed Pictures”

Awarded for collecting all six White Framed Pictures. MORE INFO SOON!

Text list:

  • Chapter: ‘The Raid‘ – “Disarmed“, in the second room on top of a drawer.
  • Chapter: ‘Pazuzu‘ – “Daylight“, in an alcove within the large room before heading downstairs.
  • Chapter: ‘The Temple‘ – “Ultraviolet“, inside the main chamber, up the steps towards the throne and inside a side room on the right.
  • Chapter: ‘After the Fall‘ – “Staked“, after defusing the tripwire.
  • Chapter: ‘Slayer‘ – “Surrendered“, in a cave alongside Hodgeson Journal number 3.
  • Chapter: ‘Enemy of my Enemy‘ – “Comrades“, while playing as Salim after holding open the door.
Gold Picture Frame: Despite not having an achievement this time around, here is the location of the Gold Picture Frame anyway: Chapter: “Strange Aeons“. Name: ‘Hotel’. Found on the floor amongst other secrets.

Secrets/Journal Collectibles

-Scratching at the Past:
“Found all of the Secrets”Awarded for collecting all 50 of the secrets. These can be found throughout the game as interactive story collectibles. Make sure to rotate and inspect objects thoroughly.

Video guide will be added soon!

-The Statement of Randolph Hodgson:
“Found every part of Randolph’s journal”

There are 10 journal pieces to collect. They play a little video after finding them. They are part of the 50 collectible secrets needed for the above achievement. Under the secrets tab they’re the 10 silver circles.

Survival/Death Achievements

Some of these achievements might move to separate locations if this section becomes to long or if they are wrongly placed!

-Golden Path:
“Five characters survived the finale”

Awarded for saving the five main characters through the entire story.


  • Pass every QTE, Keep calm and combat encounter.
  • Try and keep relationships at good levels.
  • As Salim near the start, learn that the monsters react to sunlight.
  • After Nick and Salim take on the monster, reassure Salim that he will be okay.
  • Later Eric should discover that the monsters burn under his UV wand.
  • Take the stake as Jason.
  • Interact with the guy from the prologue trapped in the yellow goo on the way through the city.
  • When playing as Rachel in the Star Map room do not knife the phosphor canister and do not ask Jason to shoot. Convince him you are still in there.
  • Eric should use the UV light on Rachel saving her from the parasite.
  • Rescue Salim and bring him to the elevator.
  • Do not die to any of the infected humans. Can be achieved by passing QTEs.
  • In the final house during the eclipse don’t mess up any QTEs.

-Six Minutes of Night:
“Everyone died in the finale”

Awarded for having all five main characters survive up till the finale and then have them all die during it. If you have a save file from “Golden Path” achievement, load up the finale from that and then have them die in the house during the eclipse.

-Final Girl:
“Only one character survived the finale”


-Until Death Do Us Part:
“Rachel became infected and killed Eric, or Eric killed her”


-Double Tap:
“Eric and Rachel both died in the same explosion”


-Climbing out of Hell:
“Rachel survived after rejecting both her lovers”

Reject both Nick and Eric throughout the game and have Rachel survive. MORE INFO SOON!

-Into the Sunset:
“Salim returned home to his son”

For this achievement you must keep Salim alive and have good/okay relationships with the other protagonists.

-Full Clearance:
“Clarice killed Eric after becoming infected”

When climbing out the chasm as Rachel with Clarice, give Clarice the option to cross over and then accept her being willing to stay behind. (Abandoning her likely works as well).

Later after escaping the city on the elevator have Eric still alive. This works if all protagonists are alive. When Clarice attacks, fail all QTEs and let Eric die.

-Lost in Time:
“Rachel was not rescued from her cocoon”


‘Start Thinking Like a Marine’

-Start Thinking Like a Marine:
“Chose only Head decisions”Complete a full playthrough while only picking the Head decisions. Every choice in the game will be marked with a brain (head) icon or a heart icon. If no Head icon is available, pick nothing/wait for time to expire.

NOTE: Unlike previous Dark Picture titles this game doesn’t have an achievement for all Heart Choices.

UV Wand Achievements

-Illuminating Evidence:
“Eric discovered the unexpected effects of the UV wand”Unlocked when Eric uses the UV wand on the dead ‘demon’ during the autopsy. It is possible that Salim needs to be kept alive up to this point and have him discover the ‘demons’ weakness to sunlight.

-Let Me Have a Go!:
“Three characters used the UV wand to attack the creatures”


‘The Sword and the Shield’

-The Sword and the Shield:
“Kurum and Balathu chose to fight together”This achievement is obtained in the Prologue. Towards the end of the Prologue choose the option to be ‘Respectful‘ and NOT ‘Arrogant’ when talking with Kurum.

The follow up decision needs to be ‘Fight‘ and you will earn the achievement.

‘Chekhov’s Gun’

-Chekhov’s Gun:
“Rachel used the machine gun”After Rachel is reunited with the group (after she reascends the cavern after her fall) and is running from the ‘demons’ through the temple chamber with the machine gun, choose to fight. The chapter is “Assault

Succeed the following QTEs and aiming sequences.

‘Vision of the Past’

-Vision of the Past:
“Rachel witnessed the origin of the creatures.”Keep Rachel alive up until chapter “Strange Aeons”. Inside the Star Chamber, after playing with the central machine she will have a vision as a result of her infection.

Rachel must be infected for this to happen. It might be story related that she was infected as long as she survives to this point. If not, when fighting many ‘demons’ in the room where you first face the infected version of the prologue character, while playing as Salim, shoot the ‘demon’ jumping for him and not the one attacking Rachel.

‘Semper Fi’

-Semper Fi:
“Jason went back for Salim and they both made it to the elevator”Towards the end of the game choose the heart option ‘Forceful‘ as Jason to go and get Salim. Succeed all QTEs and fight sequences and return with him to the elevator keeping both Jason and Salim alive.

‘So You’re My Technician’

-So You’re My Technician:
“Merwin fixed the radio”MORE INFO SOON!


“Salim killed five creatures using his spear”Across the game you must use Salim’s metal stake/spear to kill 5 ‘demons’. I got this as Salim fought his way to the elevator near the end of the game.

Jason didn’t go back for Salim but waited at the elevator for him.

‘Ain’t Got Time to Bleed’

-Ain’t Got Time to Bleed:
“Escaped the vault without any lingering injuries”This only includes any characters surviving at the end of the current playthrough. You must complete the final section with the eclipse without taking any damage (e.g. pass all QTEs).

‘The Thing’

-The Thing:
“Eric helped Rachel purge her infection”Firstly, have Salim discover that the creatures are reactive to sun light near the start of the game. Keep him alive. Have Nick and Salim tackle the creature without any failed QTEs and assure him he will be okay.

When he is captive he will tell Eric that the creature will react to the UV wand and Eric will discover the creatures weakness to UV light.

While travelling through the city as Jason and Salim, inspect the prologue character covered in yellow goo.

Later in the game when Rachel has her vision, do not knife the phosphor round. Choose dialogue options to avoid being shot by Jason.

They will try and save Rachel by putting her in a cocoon. This will fail and Eric will use the UV light on her granting the achievement.

‘Heart to Heart’

-Heart to Heart:
“Nick killed the ancient warrior with a stake”MORE INFO SOON!

‘Ghost Signal’

-Ghost Signal:
“Eric ignored Nick’s radio signal”
For this achievement, keep Eric and Nick’s relationship as low as possible and Eric will ignore Nick’s radio after planting the bombs on the cocoons. MORE INFO SOON!

This might be obtainable in the Curator’s Cut/Shared Story if you can control Eric’s choice. This is untested at the moment but I will try as soon as possible!

‘Old Dog’

-Old Dog:
“Balathu made two kills with his spear”
During the prologue, kill the woman with the spear while playing as Balathu. (Also choose to ‘Fight‘ later).

For the rest of the playthrough, keep at least Salim, Jason and Nick alive. I would keep every character alive up until the city part for this achievement personally.

Have Nick ‘Retreat‘ when planting the bombs and then as Jason choose ‘Forecful‘ to go rescue Salim. After rescuing Salim fail the next QTE when Balathu throws his spear. This will grant the achievement after Jason dies.

Note: If you have a save file with all characters survived and Balathu killed the woman/stood to fight in the prologue you can just load up the chapter “The Vault” and then follow the method rather than a full playthrough.


“Eric and Nick shared a moment in the elevator”For this achievement, all characters must die before the elevator ride at the end apart from Eric and Nick.

You can earn this achievement from loading up your save file from the all survived achievement, “Golden Path”. Load up chapter “Strange Aeons“, knife the phosphor canister as Rachel to kill her.

Succeed the QTEs as Nick when dealing with the cocoons. Then as Jason go back for Salim and then pass Salim’s first two combat encounters and then after that fail all the following QTEs and combat encounters to get both Salim and Jason killed.

The achievement will unlock on the elevator after Eric and Nick have their moment.

Thanks to ThePugHybrid for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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