The Crackpet Show Achievements 100%

Here is a guide on how to get all 66 achievements in The Crackpet Show.



Toad Slayer
Kill Mega Toad boss

Sludge Cleaner
Kill Sludge Swine boss

Holy Moly
Kill Epix Mole boss

Kill Body Positive Hamster boss

Kill Wormy Cat boss

Party Over
Kill DJ Horse boss

Flush the Toilet
Kill Toilet Monkey boss

From Dusk Till Dawn
Kill Mad Bat boss

Emotional Killer
Kill Emo Hedgehog boss

Kill Junk Queen boss

Failed Experiment
Kill Lionstein boss

Break the Glass
Kill Ass’inGlass boss

No More Hugs!
Kill Blind Hugger boss

Kill Wack-a-Ctopus

Corpse in the Shell
Kill Giant Turtle

Kill Blood Brothers

I think this section is not needed? Well, since you’re looking through this guide, then you’ve already gone through the whole game, right?

Well, more or less easily

Good Student
Finish tutorial stage

Thanks, LoanSharks!
You have to pass the room by killing dummies instead of enemies

I don’t like crowds
Kill 999 viewers

The real man
You cannot stay in the store for more than 2 seconds. That is, you have to run through the store with jerks in 2 or less seconds.

Do 1 run

Do 10 runs

Do 50 runs

Do 100 runs

Free Marketer
Sell a weapon in the shop

Arms Dealer
Sell 20 weapons in the shop

Rising Star
Get 1000 likes in a single run

Get 3000 likes in a single run

Get 5000 likes in a single run

Destroy 200 barrels

Better Safe Than Sorry
Take 2 pistols from the menu.
Choose a character class, throw away the cannon, choose another character class and pick up the abandoned cannon. That’s all, the achievement is yours.

Kill 1000 enemies

Die from traps/spikes

Well, that was impressive
To die from a rat.

Spend a total of 10k in shop

Survival Instinct
Kill 30 enemies at one health without healing

Use 10 different items

Clear stage without using any weapons or offensive items
This achievement can be achieved with the help of three perks:
Spike Skin
Poison skin
Dash attack
That is, you have to touch the enemy with your skin, and he will die, and if you use a dash attack, then you have to kill the enemy with a bullet that appears during the jerk.

Well, have you done all the easiest things? Okay, okay, try the following achievements.

Is it weak to achieve these achievements?

Meat Shield
Get hit 20 times in the single run

Instagram Model
Get max possible points in Social or Fame stage

Complete any level within 5 mins

Finish episode without picking up any weapon, special item, or healing heart

Stray heart
Complete the level without healing

Flawless Victory
Complete the level without taking damage.

Can’t Touch This
Defeat any boss without using a dash

Kill a boss without getting hit

You know you can switch weapons, right?
Defeat the boss with classic weapons.
You will not be able to complete this achievement with someone who is taking a Risk. Why? Because this achievement must be achieved by raising weapons. You can complete the level with other weapons, but you need to defeat the boss with a classic one.

Sell the Golden Gun in the shop

Life Beyond the State
Buy the Golden Gun in the shop

Midas Touch
Kill 100 enemies with the Golden Gun

Have A Blast
Kill 3 enemies with 1 mine

Get boots and use invisibility special

Golden Shot
Kill yourself with the Stimpack

You’re a piece of [email protected], [email protected]#h!
Okay, I had to vent my anger here. I was most unlucky with this achievement, I probably spent 2 hours on it. But okay, I won’t dwell on it for a long time, here’s how to do it: find 2 perks: spike skin and poison skin. After you take 2 of these perks in ONE GO, the achievement will be yours.

Anger Management
You need to find 2 perks: maniac, rage. After finding it, you lower your health to 1/2/3, depending on your pumping of these perks, and that’s it, you did well, the achievement was done.

Close call
Win an episode with half a heart left

For the fans
Complete the level without killing a single spectator. Enemies can kill them.

Perk Master
Unlock all perks

Items Master
Unlock all special items

Weapons Master
Unlock all weapons

That’s all, you have made all the difficult achievements, you are well done, great job.

I hope you have friends?

At least you tried
To die trying to revive a friend

I Need A Hero
Revive a friend

Am I Playing With Bots?
Revive other players more than five times in a single stage

Dead Weight
Die more than three times in co-op in a single stage

Take the new weapon 3 times in a row in the coop mode

You are sh&$! at QTE
Make 10 mistakes at a time when you and an ally are competing for a perk.

Thanks to FanDan SyperDan for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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